What stats should elemental shaman?

What stats should elemental shaman?

The stat priority for Elemental Shamans in PvP is as follows:

  • Intellect;
  • Versatility;
  • Haste;
  • Critical Strike;
  • Mastery.

How much hit rating does a elemental shaman need?

Spell Hit Rating – As is the case with any other caster class, Elemental Shamans require a total of 16% Spell Hit Chance, which is equivalent to 202 Spell Hit Rating.

Is Elemental Shaman easy to play Shadowlands?

Elemental Shaman is a spec with simple fundamentals for both single-target and AoE, with a wide array of customization available from your talents. Some talents allow for Elemental to be very easy to play, or very complex and rewarding. Earth Shock once you have enough Maelstrom.

What is the best race for elemental shaman?

Blizzard Entertainment On the Alliance side, Dwarves happen to make the best Elemental Shaman….Best races for Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft.

Race DPS
Dwarf 10,465
Tauren 10,460
Draeni 10,421
Goblin 10,413

Why is mastery bad for elemental shaman?

Its bad because it doesnt ”effectively double our damage” or nowhere near it. It doesnt affect Elementals or Spenders which is a lot of our damage, and by contrast Crit/Haste affect basically every spell except the weakest ones, Lava Burst and Earth Shock.

What is hit cap for ele shaman?

Spell Hit. Spell Hit is capped at 99%. There is always at least 1% chance for a Spell to Resist, no matter what.

How much spell hit does a Draenei Shaman need?

So non-draenei shamans need 51 spell hit rating along with 12% from talents to hit cap. Draenei need 38 hit rating to cap.

Is Elemental Shaman good DPS?

Ele Shamans don’t do enough DPS. Ele Shamans desperately need a rework. In a game of max’s and min’s, Ele Shamans’ versatility isn’t nearly enough to make it viable. It’s one of the flashiest classes, but mechanically it’s one of the worst DPS classes with say, Arcane Mage.

How hard is ele shaman?

The Basics for Elemental Shaman Elemental is a straightforward specialization that can easily adapt to most situations comfortably. The amount of keybinds required to effectively play this specialization is relatively low, making it a great choice for less seasoned players.

What are the stats of an elemental shaman?

Elemental Shaman Stats Critical Strike: Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals. Haste: Increases attack speed and spell casting speed. Mastery: Increases the effectiveness of Mastery: Elemental Overload. Versatility: Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken.

What is the stat priority for elemental shamans in PvP?

The stat priority for Elemental Shamans in PvP is as follows: 1 Intellect; 2 Versatility; 3 Critical Strike; 4 Haste; 5 Mastery. More

How do you increase damage as an elemental shaman?

Statistics Explanations for Elemental Shaman. Mastery, through Mastery: Elemental Overload, causes your spells to have an additional chance to deal additional damage and generate extra Maelstrom. Haste increases the speed of your casts as well as the tick rate of your damage over time effects. Critical Strike increases the damage of your spells.

How important is critical strike rating for elemental shaman?

Haste Rating influences the cast speed of your spells. Critical Strike Rating is, by far, the worst stat for an Elemental Shaman.