What to do when your mom is hitting you?

What to do when your mom is hitting you?

Better off calling Child protective services or calling 911 as she’s hitting u. Record her. Do something that will keep u safer and or out of trouble. Try not to hit her you will regret it.

Can your parents hit you when you’re 18?

No. It’s not right to hit anyone at any age. If you don’t like how she’s behaving towards your or your property talk to her like an adult about it or ask her to find her own place.

What is an unhealthy mother-daughter relationship?

Dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships can come in many forms. “This can be due to postpartum depression experienced by the mother that never allowed for a bond with the child. As a result, the daughter grew up feeling little warmth or uncomfortable going to her mother for comfort or support.”

Is it okay to hit your teenager?

There is a rule about angry confrontations between parents and teens: Parents should not touch the teens under any circumstances. It instantly makes them too upset, flooding them with intense emotions – anger, hurt, outrage – that they often can’t control. It is not the same as when they are younger.

Is it bad if your parents slap you?

Slapping and hitting are never good. You need to discuss this with an adult who is outside your parent’s circle, such as a police officer, school counselor, teacher, or doctor. All of these people are mandatory reporters, which means they are required by law to report suspected child abuse within 24 hours.

When did hitting a child become illegal?


What is the legal age to kick your child out in the UK?


Is it illegal to hit your child England?

As the law stands in England, Wales or Northern Ireland right now, it’s illegal for a parent to smack their own child, except where the smacking is “reasonable punishment” . And what is clear is that “reasonable punishment” would not include any smacking that left a child with: swelling. bruises.