What type of bowler is Yuvraj Singh?

What type of bowler is Yuvraj Singh?

Slow left-arm orthodox
Yuvraj Singh (born 12 December 1981) is a former Indian international cricketer who played in all formats of the game….Yuvraj Singh.

Personal information
Batting Left-handed
Bowling Slow left-arm orthodox
Role Batsman
Relations Yograj Singh (father) Hazel Keech ​ ( m. 2016)​ (wife)

Was Yuvraj Singh a good bowler?

During the 2011 World Cup, he was one of India’s most successful bowlers and even in the T20 format he has established himself as someone skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni can trust. And his five-wicket haul against the England XI showed that perhaps the improvement will not be restricted to just the shorter formats.

Who was the bowler when Yuvraj hit 6 six?

Stuart Broad
Yuvraj went berserk against Stuart Broad with six sixes in 2007 T20 WC: The fans of the Indian cricket team and Yuvraj, in particular, can never forget the fond memories of the 2007 T20 World Cup when the southpaw pummelled England pace bowler Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over in Durban.

Is Yuvraj Singh playing IPL?

In the 2016 IPL auction he was bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs. 7 crores. In 2018 Indian Premier League, he was again picked by Kings XI Punjab for base price of 2 crores. In 2019 auction, Yuvraj Singh was bought by Mumbai Indians for his base price of Rs 1 crore.

Who was the bowler against Yuvraj Singh?

The legendary incident occurred during a T20 World Cup encounter against England. Yuvraj and England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff had a verbal altercation before the fiery Punjab batsman slammed Stuart Broad for six successive sixes.

Who hit 6 sixes in 6 balls?

Herschelle Gibbs hits six sixes in an over in ODI cricket While Shastri and Sobers were the first two batsmen to reach the milestone, it is former South Africa batsman Herschelle Gibbs who was the first to hit six sixes in an over in international cricket.