What type of piece is The Moldau?

What type of piece is The Moldau?

multi-movement symphonic poem
It is a multi-movement symphonic poem, or music that tells a story or paints a picture. ”The Moldau” is a movement found within the piece. In ”Má vlast,” Smetana wanted to celebrate his Czech homeland by composing music that depicted the legends, stories, and landscapes of Bohemia.

What is the form of The Moldau by Smetana?

The Moldau, which has achieved the strongest independent life among the six symphonic poems, is a rondo (with coda) in which the haunting, G-major main theme is introduced by the upper strings and woodwinds, with the lower strings suggesting the river waves.

Is Má vlast a symphony?

Má vlast (Czech pronunciation: [maː vlast]), also known as My Fatherland, is a set of six symphonic poems composed between 1874 and 1879 by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

What is the subject of The Moldau?

The second, Vltava (The Moldau), occupied him from November 20 through December 8—a span of nineteen days (he noted in his diary). Its subject is the Bohemian river that flows north through Prague on its way to join the Elbe, which in turn leads its waters to the North Sea.

What nationality is Smetana?

CzechBedřich Smetana / Nationality

Bedřich Smetana, (born March 2, 1824, Leitomischl, Bohemia, Austrian Empire [now Litomyšl, Czech Republic]—died May 12, 1884, Prague), Bohemian composer of operas and symphonic poems, founder of the Czech national school of music. He was the first truly important Bohemian nationalist composer.

What is Smetana known for?

Beyond Czech-speaking countries Smetana is best known for his cycle of six orchestral tone poems, Má vlast (‘My Country’), especially ‘Vltava’, his depiction of the river that flows through Prague. In the Czech Republic, he is widely regarded as the father of Czech musical nationalism.

Who composed Ma Vlast?

Bedřich SmetanaMá vlast / Composer

Who is the composer of The Moldau?

Bedřich SmetanaFrom My Fatherland (Symphonic Poems): The Moldau / Composer

Who wrote Má Vlast?

Who wrote Vltava?

Bedřich SmetanaMa vlast (My Fatherland): No. 2. Vltava (Moldau) / Composer

Why is it called The Moldau?

The Moldau specifically was intended to evoke the sounds of one of Bohemia’s great rivers – the Vltava river. The “Moldau” name comes from the German name for the source of the river in the Bohemian mountains.

Did Smetana write The Moldau?

The Moldau , Czech Vltava, symphonic poem by Bohemian composer Bedřich Smetana that evokes the flow of the Vltava River—or, in German, the Moldau—from its source in the mountains of the Bohemian Forest, through the Czech countryside, to the city of Prague.