What types of werewolves are there?

What types of werewolves are there?

They have two forms: that of a human and that of a human/wolf hybrid. The method of changing is different from other shapeshifters as they cannot, for the most part, control when they transform.

What is the difference between a werewolf and a lycan?

Werewolves, which have their origin in English folklore, are human beings that have been changed into humanoid wolves whereas lycans are humanoid wolves. Both the lycan and werewolf possess great superhuman powers, agility, speed, regenerative abilities, coordination, and have excellent tracking abilities.

Who was the first ever werewolf?

One of the earliest known werewolf legends comes from Greek mythology. According to the legend, a man named Lycaon angered Zeus, the Lord of the Gods, when he served Zeus a meal made from human flesh. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf.

What mental illness does wolf have?

Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is, an animal….

Clinical lycanthropy
Other names Zoanthropy
Specialty Psychiatry

What is the rarest werewolf?

Omicron. Omicron werewolves are regarded as the most mysterious and rare werewolf type in existence, having only 7 documented in total.

What is a white werewolf?

White Wolves (Also known as Ice Wolves, Frost Demons and Wolves of Mourning) are a rare type of werewolf. They are said to be rarer than True Alphas due how often they appear but also due to the large price to pay to gain this status.

Are werewolves immortal?

In the Underworld franchise, Werewolves are biologically immortal transgenics, as opposed to supernaturally immortal creatures of pop culture. In the novelizations, all Werewolves have cobalt eyes and foam at the mouth, much like rabid animals.

How do you become a werewolf?

To become a werewolf, it is necessary to be bitten by a werewolf in their wolfish form at the time of the full moon. When the werewolf’s saliva mingles with the victim’s blood, contamination will occur.

What is a Zeta werewolf?

The Zeta Werewolf is the rarest and most powerful class of Werewolf. known as the “King of Wolves”, An elder werewolf, Lycaon was the first to hold the title until his death a the hands of the Silent Cove Hunters.