What was IBM doing in ww2?

What was IBM doing in ww2?

Published in 2001, with numerous subsequent expanded editions, Black outlined the key role of IBM’s technology in the Nazi genocide, by facilitating the regime’s generation and tabulation of punch cards for national census data, military logistics, ghetto statistics, train traffic management, and concentration camp …

Who wrote the book IBM and the Holocaust?

Edwin BlackIBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation / AuthorEdwin Black is an American historian and author, as well as a syndicated columnist, investigative journalist, and weekly talk show host on The Edwin Black Show. Wikipedia

What did Nestle do in ww2?

During World War II, the Swiss company’s global operation supplied both sides of the conflict. Nestlé won a contract to feed the German Army, and the food giant’s American factories sold Nescafé to the United States military.

What was Chase doing during ww2?

Chase said research concerning the Paris-based accounts had found that from August 1936 through June 1941, Chase National Bank participated in a German government program that enabled Germany to exchange marks for U.S. dollars at a time when other nations weren’t accepting German currency in exchange for goods and …

What did IBM do in Germany during ww2?

Both the United States government and Nazi German government used IBM punched card technology for some parts of their camps’ operation and record keeping.

What do IBM do?

International Business Machines (IBM), is a global technology company that provides hardware, software, cloud-based services and cognitive computing. Founded in 1911 following the merger of four companies in New York State by Charles Ranlett Flint, it was originally called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

What did Coca Cola do in ww2?

By the end of World War II, over 5 billion bottles were distributed to those in uniform, and Coca-Cola transformed the experimental war-time plants into fully operational facilities.

What did General Motors make during ww2?

Ultimately, GM became the largest military contractor on earth. GM made 119,562,000 shells, 206,000 aircraft engines, 97,000 bombers, 301,000 aircraft propellers, 198,000 diesel engines, 1,900,000 machine guns, 854,000 military trucks. Cadillac tanks, Oldsmobile bullets, Buick airplane engines.

Who were Hitler’s bankers?

In 1955, he founded a private banking house in Düsseldorf. He also advised developing countries on economic development….

Hjalmar Schacht
In office 3 August 1934 – 26 November 1937
President Adolf Hitler (as Führer)
Chancellor Adolf Hitler
Preceded by Kurt Schmitt

What was Coca Cola doing during ww2?

During World War II, Coca-Cola ran a series of ads which expressed Coca-Cola as a patriotic brand which greeted Americans wherever they went, ‘reminding them of home’. In 1941, America entered World War II and thousands of US citizens were sent overseas.