What was one lasting and evident result of the Great Awakening?

What was one lasting and evident result of the Great Awakening?

What important long-lasting results came out of the great awakening? The great awakening showed America their spiritual differences to England helping them along to the idea of separation as a country.

What was the main after effect of the Molasses Act?

What was the main after-effect of the Molasses Act? British response to the American colonies importing cheaper molasses from France. This act caused smuggling to boom in the colonies.

Which churches began as a result of the first Great Awakening?

The First Great Awakening altered the religious climate in America, many people that did not connect to the faith or had a different view of it as a social demand started to have a personal connection to God. This caused the creation of new churches such as Methodists and Baptists.

What were the causes of the Great Awakening quizlet?

What are the causes of the first great awakening? More branches of Christianity emerged. Division between new and old ideas. Increase in religious diversity in Christianity.

What religions emerged from the Great Awakening?

The revival took place primarily among the Dutch Reformed, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, Baptists, and some Anglicans, almost all of whom were Calvinists. The Great Awakening has been seen, therefore, as a development toward an evangelical Calvinism.

How did the Enlightenment and Great Awakening influence colonists?

While the Great Awakening emphasized vigorously emotional religiosity, the Enlightenment promoted the power of reason and scientific observation. Both movements had lasting impacts on the colonies. He embodied Enlightenment ideals in the British Atlantic with his scientific experiments and philanthropic endeavors.

What effect did the 2nd Great Awakening have on American society in the 1800s?

The Second Great Awakening had a profound effect on American religious history. The numerical strength of the Baptists and Methodists rose relative to that of the denominations dominant in the colonial period, such as the Anglicans, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Reformed.

What was the impact of the Great Awakening on colonial attitudes toward authority?

The main consequence of this development was that Americans became much less deferential to authority, be it secular or temporal. The great chain of authority was no longer held to run from God to ruler to people, but from God to people to ruler.

What was a result of the Second Great Awakening answers com?

The Second Great Awakening was greatly a movement to improve the morality of the country. As a result, people felt empowered to work for reform. This eventually led to temperance movements.

What effect did the great awakening have on the American colonies quizlet?

The Great Awakening increased the degree to which people felt that religion was important in their lives. The Great Awakening also affected the colonies by creating rifts among members of religious denominations.

What effect did the Second Great Awakening have on society?

Many churches experienced a great increase in membership, particularly among Methodist and Baptist churches. The Second Great Awakening made soul-winning the primary function of ministry and stimulated several moral and philanthropic reforms, including temperance and the emancipation of women.

What is the main difference between Puritanism and the great awakening?

Terms in this set (9) In stark contrast to Puritanism, which emphasized outward actions as proof of salvation, the Great Awakening focused on inward changes in the Christian’s heart. a revival movement meant to purify religion from material distractions and renew one’s personal faith in God.

What was the main goal of the Great Awakening?

The leaders of the Great Awakening, including Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, aimed to revive man’s relationship with God. Their purpose was to convince people that religious power was in their own hands, not the hands of the Church.

Where was the first Great Awakening?

The First Great Awakening was a period when spirituality and religious devotion were revived. This feeling swept through the American colonies between the 1730s and 1770s. The revival of Protestant beliefs was part of a much broader movement that was taking place in England, Scotland, and Germany at that time.

Which of the following is false about both Puritanism and the awakening?

Which of the following is FALSE about both Puritanism and the Awakening? Puritanism focused on inward changes in the heart, while the Awakening emphasized outward actions as proof of salvation.

What impact did the great awakening have on American political ideology quizlet?

What political impact did the First Great Awakening have? It complemented enlightenment philosophy by providing a foundation for political liberty, established the first great ‘united’ social movement of the American people, and provided the solidarity that some saw as essential for the break with England.