What were the main characteristics of the affluent society?

What were the main characteristics of the affluent society?

What were the main characteristics of the affluent society of the 1950s? An affluent society was all about economic abundance and consumer choice within the context of a traditional family life. This meant more opportunities for happiness to Americans.

How does the economy affect marriage and family?

They find that the higher the proportion of married parents in a state, the better the economic outcomes. Higher levels of marriage are strongly correlated with more state GDP per capita, greater levels of upward economic mobility, lower levels of child poverty, and higher median family incomes.

How does the economy affect changes in family structure?

Changes in family structure are both a cause of increased economic inequality (because the effects on children make the next generation less well-equipped to prosper in the modern economy) and an effect of inequality (men with only high-school degrees are less employable and less marriageable so women at the same socio …

How has the concept of family changed?

Families have changed over the past thirty years. With marriage rates down and divorce rates up, there are an increasing number of children growing up in sole-parent or reconstituted families. Sole-parent families are of particular concern due to the high incidence of poverty among such households.

Why was the nuclear family important in the 1950s?

The nuclear family of the ’50s epitomized the economically stable family unit. A considerable majority of Americans (62 percent) view the idea of marriage as “one in which husband and wife both work and share child care and household duties.” Two-earner families are much more common as well.

When did the concept of family start?


What are the trends affecting families?

There were four major trends identified: 1) increased proportions of children living in single-parent families due to high rates of divorce and increased childbearing outside of marriage; 2) increased proportions of adults in nontraditional living arrangements; 3) increased female labor force participation during all …

What were the 1950’s called?

The 50’s was an era called the Golden Age of Capitalism, a period of unprecedented economic growth that benefited both the capitalists and workers, as result of higher wages.

Why were the 1950’s a time of prosperity?

One of the factors that fueled the prosperity of the ’50s was the increase in consumer spending. The adults of the ’50s had grown up in general poverty during the Great Depression and then rationing during World War II. When consumer goods became available in the post-war era, people wanted to spend.

Why are families so important to the American economy?

In Strong Families, Prosperous States, we find that states with a higher number of families headed by married parents enjoy significantly higher levels of economic growth, not to mention greater economic mobility, higher median family income, and less child poverty than states with more families headed by single and …