What year was Rescue Me by Fontella Bass?

What year was Rescue Me by Fontella Bass?

1966Rescue Me / Released
Fontella Bass, the singer whose 1965 hit “Rescue Me” was an indelible example of the decade’s finest pop-soul, died on Wednesday in St. Louis. She was 72.

Who wrote Rescue Me song?

Raynard Miner
Carl Smith
Rescue Me/Composers

What artist sang Rescue Me?

Fontella BassRescue Me / ArtistFontella Marie Bass was an American R&B and soul singer and songwriter best known for her number-one R&B hit “Rescue Me” in 1965. Wikipedia

What year did Aretha Franklin record Rescue Me?

The very first line in Bass’ entry in the online AllMusic encyclopedia reads, “The 1965 classic “Rescue Me” is widely regarded as the greatest record Aretha Franklin never made.” Her other hits included “Don’t Mess With a Good Thing” and “You’ll Miss Me (When I’m Gone),” both with Bobby McClure.

Who wrote the song Rescue Me by Fontella Bass?

What year was the song Rescue Me released?

1966Rescue Me / Released

Who wrote Rescue Me Onerepublic?

Brent Kutzle
Ryan Tedder

Where can I watch Rescue Me in Canada?

Rescue Me – watch online: stream, buy or rent Currently you are able to watch “Rescue Me” streaming on FXNow Canada or for free with ads on CTV. It is also possible to buy “Rescue Me” as download on Apple iTunes, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies.

Is Fontella Bass Aretha Franklin?

Louis native Fontella Bass. Over the course of five decades’ worth of commercials, movies, and spins on oldies radio, however, the work of the lesser-known Bass is often attributed to the more familiar Aretha Franklin.

Did Fontella Bass have any children?

Bass is survived by her children, Neuka, Ju’Lene, Larry and Bahnamous, and 10 grandchildren. Bowie died in 1999 and Peaston died in 2012.

When did Rescue Me OneRepublic come out?

2019Rescue Me / Released

Where was someday OneRepublic filmed?

“Working on this video with OneRepublic was a wild ride,” shared director Miles Cable. “It all started with a concept that AJ and I wrote to take us to Alaska, but one thing led to another and the creative had to be shifted with minimal time on the clock.