When did David Letterman leave the late show?

When did David Letterman leave the late show?

May 20, 2015
David Letterman entertaining U.S. troops in Baghdad, December 24, 2003. In 2014 Letterman announced that he was retiring from the Late Show the following year, and Stephen Colbert was later announced as his successor. Letterman hosted his last show on May 20, 2015.

Does David Letterman still have a show?

Letterman wound up ending his retirement in 2018 to host My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. The Netflix series aired its third season in 2020, though no updates on a possible fourth season have been announced. Previously, Letterman opened up about his greatest career achievement.

Who sang on David Letterman’s last show?

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters performed this song five times on Late Night with David Letterman, including the final show.

What was David Letterman’s last network?

He hosted late night television talk shows for 33 years, beginning with the February 1, 1982, debut of Late Night with David Letterman on NBC, and ending with the May 20, 2015, broadcast of Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.

Why did Letterman leave his show?

Why did David Letterman’s show end? As much as we’d love to regale you with a salacious, drama-filled story (similar to the infamous “beef” between Dave and Jay Leno), it really came down to getting older.

Is David Letterman still married?

Regina Lasko is a production manager by profession. She has been married to popular veteran television personality David Letterman for 11 years, but they have been together for 34 years. Regina Lasko and her husband both work in Hollywood, However, unlike her husband, Regina works behind the camera.

Is David Letterman coming back to Late Night?

Celebrated late night host and Indianapolis native David Letterman announced a new YouTube channel during a heartfelt return to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday night — exactly 40 years after Letterman debuted the NBC show.

How old is Harry Letterman?

18 years (November 3, 2003)Harry Joseph Letterman / Age

When did Letterman go off the air?

In 1993, Conan O’Brien began hosting the show, followed by Jimmy Fallon until 2014 and now Meyers. Letterman later hosted The Late Show with David Letterman until 2015. A run that was also produced by Worldwide Pants. Stephen Colbert took the desk in 2015 after Letterman announced his retirement.

What time is the Late Show with David Letterman on?

Late Show with David Letterman Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Since 1993, legendary comedian and talk show host David Letterman has been interviewing guests and hosting musical performances at 11:35/10:35c weeknights on CB…

Does David Letterman drink on the show?

Having begun drinking around the age of 13, Letterman was, until the age of 34, a heavy drinker. Letterman has described himself as a “horrible alcoholic” up until 1981, the year before Late Night with David Letterman began. According to Letterman, before he got sober, he “was drunk 80% of the time. I loved it.

Where to send Late Show with David Letterman email?

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  • What is David Letterman’s annual salary?

    Annual salary: $28 million The legendary and king of late night, David Letterman began his career as an announcer for his college’s student run radio station. Later he went on to being a weatherman for a news station.