Where can I submit my music for review?

Where can I submit my music for review?

12 Music Review Blogs Which Accept Song Submissions

  • Little Indie Blogs.
  • Acid Stag.
  • Indie Music Review.
  • Louder Than War.
  • The Word Is Bond.
  • This Song Is Sick.
  • A&R Factory.

How do I submit a song to a Spotify playlist consideration?

Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop, and find any unreleased music at the top of the Home or Profile tabs. Select GET STARTED next to the release you want to submit. Or, go to Profile, right-click any unreleased music, and select Submit a Song. Choose a song from the release to submit.

Where can I send my music to get heard?

Best Sites For Your Music Submissions

  • Audiotox.
  • Xttrawave.
  • Indie 88.
  • A&R Factory.
  • Xune Mag.
  • AllMusic.
  • Audio Drums.

How do I submit a song to a Spotify playlist consideration Distrokid?

First, head over to https://distrokid.com/spotlight/submit/ to submit your song.

  1. Select the artist you’d like to submit to the Playlist Spotlight (you can submit one song per artist on your account)
  2. Select the track you want to submit (only songs that are currently live in Spotify will be displayed here)

Is Music submit legit?

MusicSubmit offers you over 650 platforms to submit your music to. With the “Best Shot” package, your music is submitted to 100 stations and blogs and a guaranteed 50% reviews.

How long does it take Spotify to approve a song?

We care about making sure that when you release music, your songs get out to your fan base as quickly as possible. After you upload your music, it will take us about one day to approve it. Then you can expect to hear your songs on Spotify after about five business days.

How do you get noticed on Spotify?

A guide to getting your music noticed on Spotify in 2022

  1. Generate some hype before release.
  2. Make sure to keep your Spotify artist page looking professional.
  3. Work your music analytics.
  4. Spread the word across all your music social media pages.
  5. Let RouteNote do the work for you.
  6. Artists can be playlisters too.

Where can I submit my songs for free?

10 Sites to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists for Free

  • Indiemono. Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities.
  • Soundplate. Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team.
  • Simon Field.
  • MySphera.
  • Daily Playlists.

Can you pitch released music to Spotify?

While you can’t pitch your music to us through Spotify for Artists post-release, our editors are definitely looking at signals from our data for songs that are resonating on our platform.

How do I submit a song to a release?

From the home screen or the ‘Upcoming’ tab in Music, choose a song and click ‘Submit a Song.’ You are only allowed to select one song per artist profile to be considered in each release. So if you are releasing a 6 track EP, you can only choose 1 song.

Why can’t I submit more than one song at a time?

If you have multiple releases scheduled, you have to wait one of the songs you submitted goes live first before you can submit the other song.

What should I write in the introduction of my Song?

13) Describe your song for us. The story behind the song, what inspired it, etc. Tell us about the process of creating this song, as well as any plans to promote it. 500 character limit.