Where do you stand in badminton doubles?

Where do you stand in badminton doubles?

Badminton Doubles Defensive formation So you and your partner should stand side by side in the mid-court so that between you, you cover the full court width. These are the proper badminton tactics to ensure that one of you is within reach wherever the shuttlecock is smashed.

What are the rules for doubles in badminton?

According to badminton rules and regulations for doubles, the side of doubles that win a rally adds a point to its score. When both sides reach 20 all, the side which gains a 2-point lead first, wins that game. When both sides reach 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point, wins that game.

What is the best serve for badminton doubles?

Professional doubles players use the low serve more than any other serve. This is because the low serve is more difficult to attack than other serves: it’s the only serve that starts to fall below net height immediately after crossing the net.

What is positioning in badminton?

Doubles positioning is about how you and your partner cover the court. Many players are purposeless in their positioning. It’s common to hear players say, let’s play sides , or let’s play front-and-back . With an understanding of basic doubles strategy, however, you can make purposeful decisions about where to stand.

What is attacking stance in badminton?

Attacking stance is mainly used while making smash, as you see in the picture below, player is shifting his body weight to dominant leg. Next step would be pushing whole body by generating power from ground and then hitting smash.

What is 115 cm rule badminton?

According to the new service rule, the shuttle should be below 1.15 metres from the surface of the court at the time of being hit from the server’s racket. The previous rule was that the shuttle should not be above the waist at the instant of being hit.

How do you serve a shuttlecock?

The server and receiver stand in diagonally opposite service courts at the beginning of each rally. The server has to hit the shuttlecock so that it would land in the receiver’s service court. All serves must be hit underhand from below waist height and the shuttlecock must not touch the ground.

Can the shuttlecock hit the net?

It is legal if the shuttlecock hits the net and goes over except on a serve. 6. It is interference if the shuttlecock touches the basketball net or rim and should be replayed.

What is defensive stance?

A solid defensive stance can help keep the ball handler in front of you. Start in an athletic stance. Your knees need to be bent and positioned slightly between your ankles. Your hips should be low while your chest is up with your eyes forward on the offensive player.

What is pivot in badminton?

To go from the mid court to the back forehand corner a player must pivot on the non-dominant foot so the toes are pointing towards the side of the court that the player is moving to. Then the dominant leg should take a step towards the forehand back corner.

What are the 10 Rules of badminton?

Match Makeup. In order to win a badminton match,the scoring system must be established.

  • Using Shuttlecocks. The shuttle/shuttlecock/birdie is used when playing badminton and is unique to this sport only.
  • Proper Equipment.
  • Court Requirements.
  • Correct Service.
  • Serving and Receiving Courts.
  • Change of Ends.
  • Faults.
  • Lets.
  • Continuous Play.
  • What are the rules for singles in badminton?

    To serve the ball,the server has to be inside the serve area before he serves the shuttle.

  • When the server takes his position inside the service box,he is not permitted to cross the service lines or touch them before serving.
  • When you serve,your feet must touch the ground.
  • You have to fully control your body while you serve the shuttlecock.
  • How to play doubles in badminton?

    How to Play Badminton Doubles? For playing double, each team needs to have 2 players. It means four players, in total, play the doubles. Both the teams have to go for the toss to decide which team serves first. The winner of the toss may choose to serve first, and can also pick its side of the court.

    What are the rules and regulations of badminton?

    Basic Rules of Badminton. A player cannot start a match or serve,until his opponent gets ready.

  • Faults in Badminton. If you hit the shuttle from above the waist line,while making a serve is counted as a foul.
  • The Scoring System in Badminton. A badminton game consist of three series match of 21 points.
  • Intervals During the Game.
  • Conclusion.