Where is 1320Video located?

Where is 1320Video located?

the midwest
1320Video is a crew of automotive enthusiasts who came together with one common passion – to explore the world of street cars and bring you the best of what we see. Based in the midwest, the 1320Video crew travels the world to find unique & wild cars, cultures, and drivers.

Who is the founder of 1320Video?

Kyle Loftis –
Kyle Loftis – Owner & Operator – 1320Video | LinkedIn.

Is cleetus McFarland his real name?

Garrett Mitchell (born April 5, 1995), otherwise known by his alternate persona Cleetus McFarland, is an American race car driver, car enthusiast, and YouTube content creator….Cleetus McFarland.

Garrett Mitchell
Nationality American
Born April 5, 1995 Omaha, Nebraska
Stadium Super Trucks career
Debut season 2022

How did cleetus McFarland make all his money?

How much money does Cleetus McFarland make on YouTube? Cleetus McFarland earns around $3.1 million per year from his two YouTube channels – Cleetus McFarland & Cleetus2 McFarland.

How did cleetus McFarland get started?

The Cleetus McFarland persona was an “on-the-spot” creation during an automotive event he was filming at in 2015. He took on a redneck-style accent (with the clothing to match) during a segment involving a highly modified Camaro, and the rest was history.

What does dial-in mean in drag racing?

A dial-in time is used to establish a handicap start in a bracket race. The dial-in is the driver’s estimated elapsed time (ET) their car will run in competition, and allows just about any two vehicles to compete with a handicap start.

What is the 60 foot in drag racing?

60 FOOT TIMER Measures the time it takes the car to cross the first 60 feet of the quarter-mile. This shows you how well the car launches, which affects your elapsed times. Most street-tired cars have 60 foot times around 2 seconds.

How does Cleetus McFarland have so much money?

Thus, Cleetus McFarland earns $3.1M from both of his YouTube Channels each year. Sponsors: He also earns from the “sponsorship videos” that he posts on his YouTube channel.

What is Cleetus McFarland net worth?

It was a joke for him to create his alias Cleetus McFarland. Approximately $4 million is his net worth.

How much is Cleetus McFarland worth 2021?

Based on the above information, I estimate Cleetus McFarland’s net worth to be: $1,800,000.

How is Cleetus McFarland so rich?