Where is Pinconning Cheese made?

Where is Pinconning Cheese made?

Pinconning cheese is an aged semi-hard whole cow’s milk, Colby style cheese named after Pinconning, Michigan. It is made and distributed by Pinconning Cheese Company and Wilson’s (Horn) Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, Michigan.

What is the cheese capital of Michigan?

A two-hour trip north from Detroit will bring the visitor to the tiny town of Pinconning, Michigan, home to a unique variety of Colby. Today Pinconning is considered the “The Cheese Capital of Michigan” thanks to this unique variety.

Who owns Pinconning cheese?

Brian and Debby Saha
Current owners Brian and Debby Saha, born and raised in Pinconning, bought the store in 1987 and the Pinconning Cheese Co. and Fudge Shoppe was afoot. Brian shares that even after all the name and ownership changes, one thing always stayed the same: original, homemade Pinconning Cheese.

What kind of cheese is Pinconning?

Colby style
Williams Sharp Pinconning is an aged yellow Colby style semi-soft cheese named for Pinconning, MI where it was first produced. Pinconning’s flavor and texture are unusual, rich and creamy with an open texture. It is eaten instead of Cheddar and Colby and serves well in macaroni and cheese or as a snack cheese.

What type of cheese is Pinconning?

Colby style cheese
A Michigan original, Pinconning cheese is a wonderful, Colby style cheese that can be aged for months and years giving it a different flavor.

How big is Pinconning Michigan?

551 acresPinconning / Area

Is Pinconning cheese made in Wisconsin?

It was first produced there in 1915 by a cheesemaker named Dan Horn, who decided to age Colby longer. Today, Pinconning cheese is produced in other places, mostly in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Is Pinconning cheese a good melting cheese?

Yes, that means it’s a good melting cheese and one you should try.

What is Pinconning Michigan famous for?

The city is locally noted for its former production of cheese and cheese products, especially Pinconning cheese.

What’s the zip code for Pinconning Michigan?

48650Pinconning / Zip code