Where is the Alderaan Bonus Series?

Where is the Alderaan Bonus Series?

ALDERAAN BONUS SERIES FOR EMPIRE PLAYERS. To start the chain you need to speak to Lord Serjay Thul. He is located on Alderaan, in Thul Palace. Once you enter, turn to the right to face the Lord’s Stateroom.

How do I start the Hoth Bonus Series?

HOTH BONUS SERIES FOR REPUBLIC PLAYERS. To start the chain visit General Ilic Nadab at the Command Bunker in Aurek Base on Hoth. You can select the appropriate objective from the Conquest tab, which will tell you to do the same. He will give you the starter mission for the Bonus Series.

How do I start Balmorra bonus series?

How to Start (Imperial): The Imperial Balmorran bonus series can be started after you complete your Balmorra class quest by speaking to Captain Laverse at the entrance to the Balmorra spaceport. (The Imperial Balmorra Bonus Series seems to have a level restriction of level 12 and up, but this is hard to test.)

How do you get a Datacron on Taris?

Continue through the Cave to the Republic Mines. From there, jump onto the Forklift (located at -643, 1543) and climb on to the scaffolding. From there, hop along the boxes and pipes lining the edge of the room until you reach the large stack of crates. The Datacron will be on a scaffolding below you.

Where are the Datacrons on Ord Mantell?

Ord Mantell has two datacrons and one matrix shard which can only be obtained by Republic players. The blue datacron is hidden on Savrip Island, the yellow datacron is hidden on the beaches near Volcano Camp, and the matrix shard is hidden in a hole on the beaches of Mannet Point.

Is there a list of Sith Warrior quests in SWTOR?

A list of all Sith Warrior class quests available in SWTOR by chapter, hand-listed by player Exarch! This quest list should be up to date as of update 7.0. Aquire a blade more appropriate to your destiny. Defeat 10 Ancient Droids.

How many set bonuses does a Sith Warrior have?

The Sith Warrior has twenty-three different set bonuses available to choose from – 2 sets for Marauders, 2 for Juggernauts, 6 that can be worn by Sith Warriors of any advanced class, and 13 generic set bonus options that can be worn by any class.

How do you start the Alderaan bonus series?

The starter and main mission for the Republic’s Alderaan Bonus Series is called “ Securing the Advance “. Go to Organa Castle, Republic Dispatch Center. Talk to Major Brom. When you enter the Castle, take the second entrance to your left on the ground floor.

What is a Sith Warrior?

The Sith Warrior is a Sith Empire Action Point based class focusing on close combat. Still images of Sith Warriors capture their passion and vigor in war. Bold lightsaber tactics and surprising bursts of Force power force their foes to stay on the defensive until they are weakened and summarily destroyed.