Where is the smoke in Antioch coming from?

Where is the smoke in Antioch coming from?

The smoke is coming from a vegetation fire on Sherman Island, north of Antioch in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The accompanying picture is from KQED Science reporter Lauren Sommer, who was out hiking this afternoon in Briones Regional Park, between Martinez and Lafayette.

What fires are in the Bay Area?

Rock Fire now burning 1,000 acres – 15% contained in Stanislaus County.

  • Trinity Fire now burning 90 acres – 100% contained in Shasta County.
  • Lonoak Fire now burning 2,546 acres – 80% contained in Monterey County.
  • Scott Fire now burning in Yuba County.
  • Paskenta Fire now burning 46 acres – 100% contained in Tehama County.
  • Is Antioch CA growing?

    Antioch has grown 21.7% since the 2000. Antioch, California’s growth is about average. 42% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000.

    Why is Walnut Creek so smoky?

    Walnut Creek’s smoky air quality conditions are often the result of wildfires burning in the Bay Area. Wildfires have become increasingly frequent and severe with the escalation of global climate change.

    Where is the smoke in Concord coming from?

    In Contra Costa County wind likely re-ignited a grass fire at Ygnacio Valley and Cowell roads in Concord. The more than 260-acre grass fire threatened homes and forced evacuations Friday evening. Embers from smoldering trees likely started the second fire Saturday afternoon. Crews got it under control quickly.

    Is there a fire near Oxnard CA?

    Oxnard Fire Dept. Victoria Inc – there is currently a fire burning in the Santa Clara river bottom. It’s is estimated at approximately 3acres, moving slowly to the east.

    Are the California wildfires still burning 2021?

    The 2021 California wildfire season was a series of wildfires that burned across the U.S. state of California. By the end of 2021 a total of 8,835 fires were recorded, burning 2,568,948 acres (1,039,616 ha) across the state….

    2021 California wildfires
    Buildings destroyed 3,629
    Deaths 3
    Non-fatal injuries 22

    Is Antioch a good place to live?

    Antioch, California is a wonderful place that offers a pleasant year-round climate, beautiful settings and a diverse mixture of arts and culture. With all these great amenities, living in the city must be wonderful. It truly is if you are living in the right place.

    Is Antioch considered the Bay Area?

    Antioch is the third-largest city in Contra Costa County, California, United States. Located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area along the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta. The city’s population was 115,291 at the 2020 census.

    Why is there so much smoke in the Bay Area?

    Balmes said for much of the year, winds in the Bay Area travel from west to east, which “protects us from fires elsewhere, especially to the east.” But last year, offshore winds blowing from land toward the ocean pushed a lot of smoke into the region, including from giant wildfires in Oregon and Washington in early …

    Why is Bay Area so smoky?

    There are some 1.4 million fireplaces across the region, district data shows. “We have a temperature inversion layer over the area with hot air over cool air and that creates a lid that traps the fireplace smoke,” said Richardson, noting that inversion layers are a typical winter weather pattern in the Bay Area.

    Why is it so smoky in Livermore?

    Why is it smoky in Livermore, CA? Seasonal wildfires significantly impact Livermore air quality. In 2020, smoke from West Coast wildfires enveloped the state, traveling as far as the Eastern Seaboard via the polar jet stream. Some smoke even made it across the Atlantic as far away as Europe.

    Are there any buildings on fire in Antioch CA?

    Courtesy: Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Antioch buildings that were on fire are now put out Read Less Trending Stories Antioch mayor arrested for DUI 2 arrested after firearms found in child’s bedroom

    What happened to the 2 alarm fire in Antioch?

    May 31, 2021 at 7:31 p.m. ANTIOCH — An aggressive two-alarm fire that started in some vegetation quickly got out of control Monday and spread to two nearby apartment buildings, damaging the buildings and leaving its residents homeless.

    What happened at Delta Pines Apartments in Antioch?

    The day after a fire ripped through two buildings, leaving 10 units uninhabitable at the Delta Pines Apartments in Antioch. 33 people remain barred from entering their units on Sycamore Drive — some total losses.