Which elements does a strong argumentative essay?

Which elements does a strong argumentative essay?

According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, important elements in all argument essays include strong evidence gained through research, a clear thesis, strong organization and logical transitions.

When writing an argument it is important for writers to explain their positions with?

When writing an argument, it is important for writers to explain their position with topic sentences.

What elements does an effective interpretation of a quotation in a literary analysis always contain select three options?

Select three options. an explanation of the meaning in the interpretation an explanation of the author’s background an explanation of the author’s viewpoint an explanation of the connection to literature an explanation of the author’s influences.

Which is the best source to use to confirm the information in this excerpt?

Explanation: The website that provides information on Ford’s life would be the best source to confirm the information in the excerpt.

Which expression should be added to sentence 2 to best clarify the relationships among Paco’s ideas?

The Best Expression that can be added to sentence two would be the first one so the entire passage would now be, “Today, even many blue-collar, retail, and clerical jobs require applicants to have a college degree, going to college—even a public college—is becoming more and more expensive.”

Which element does a strong argumentative essay always contain select two options?

As per the question, the most significant elements of an argumentative essay would be the ‘claim’ and ‘evidence’ as the former(claim) is associated with the central idea or argument of the essay that proposes direction and content to the essay while the latter(evidence) is affiliated with substantiating or validating …

Which word in the excerpt creates a tone that is not respectful distraction stolen problems addicts?

From the given options, the word that creates a tone that is not respectful, is the corresponding to option D: addicts, because it is an offensive term.

What is the argument structure?

The term “argument structure” is used to refer to the lexical representation of argument-taking lexical items—typically verbs, but also nouns (especially nominalizations), adjectives, and even prepositions—that specifies sufficient information about these items’ arguments to allow their syntactic realization to be …

What elements does a strong literary analysis always contain select two options relevant data?

A reliable literary analysis must always contain: A thesis statement that establishes a summary of the main purpose and focus of the analysis . Supporting evidence and references from reliable sources and citation from the literary work, which will provide validity and enrich the credibility of the research.

Which event takes place months before the author attends a party on New Years Eve 1972?

The event which takes place 3 months before the terrible accident, and some time before the New Year´s Eve Party that Ortiz was attending when Clemente died, was that Clemente pursued and accomplished his 3.000th hit, during his 1972 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What is a researched argument?

An argumentative research paper is analytical, but it uses information as evidence to support its point, much as a lawyer uses evidence to make their case.