Which side is Arjuna?

Which side is Arjuna?

the Pandava side
In the Mahabharata War, Arjuna was a key warrior from the Pandava side and slew many warriors including Karna and Bhisma.

Why did Arjuna become Brihannala?

Urvashi had cursed Arjuna for rejecting her proposal as his wife which she modified after Indra confronted her. She had reduced that curse to one year. So Arjuna utilized that curse to become Brihanala for one year in Virata’s palace.

How did Arjuna marry Chitrangada?

Arjuna fell in love with her on account of her honesty and courage. Arjuna’s wanderings, during his period of exile, also took him to the ancient kingdom of Manipura. Visiting king Chitravahana, the ruler of Manipura, he beheld his beautiful daughter Chitrangada and fell in love with her.

Who was Arjuna Favourite wife?

Subhadra was Arjuna’s favorite wife. Subhadra was the sister of Lord Krishna. Thus Arjuna naturally loved her more since she was the sister of his inseparable companion (Arjuna is Nara and Lord Krishna is Narayana).

What is Arjuna the god of?

Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers, who are the heroes of the Indian epic the Mahabharata. Arjuna, son of the god Indra, is famous for his archery (he can shoot with either hand) and for the magical weapons that he wins from the god Shiva.

Who killed Bhima?

His repeated failures and fecklessness against Bhima angered Duryodhana so much that he wanted him dead. He hatched a cunning plot where he poisoned Bhima’s food and drowned him in River Ganga. Thankfully, the Naga king Vasuki saved Bhima and also apprised him of Duryodhana’s hatred for him.

Who killed yudhisthira?

Attempted fratricide, attempted suicide – a bizarre turn of affairs on the seventeenth day! Krishna may have uttered the most profound 800 shlokas ever at the beginning of the war (Bhagvad Gita Parva).

Who was Kunti’s Favourite son?

Parents Parents Shurasena (father) Marisha (mother) Uncle Kuntibhoja (adoptive father)
Siblings 14 siblings including Vasudeva, Nanda, Shrutashrava (sister)
Spouse Pandu
Children Pre-marital Karna by Surya Sons Yudhishthira by Dharmaraja Bhima by Vayu Arjuna by Indra ‘Step-sons Nakula by Ashvins Sahadeva by Ashvins

Who is the wife of Bhima in Mahabharata?

Bhima had three wives — Hidimbi, the Rakshasi sister of Hidimba, Draupadi, who was married to five Pandavas because of Kunti’s misunderstanding, and Valandhara, a princess of Kashi Kingdom. Ghatotkacha, Sutasoma and Savarga were his three sons.

Why did Arjuna not act like Brihannala?

As Brihannala, Arjuna taught dance and music to Uttara, the daughter of King of Virata. Arjuna did not need to act like Brihannala as he made use of a curse by Apsara Urvasi – the damsel in the court of Indra. Arjuna once did not show any interest to the sexual innuendos of Urvasi.

Who is Brihannala in the Mahabharata?

One of the most intriguing and interesting parts of the Mahabharata regarding Arjuna’s transformation into dance teacher and eunuch Brihannala during the final year of the Pandavas’ 13-year exile (agyatvas) will be recreated on stage in Singapore on November 5 at the majestic Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay.

What is the role of Arjuna in the Mahabharata?

Arjuna, the third of the Pandava brothers, took the form of Brihannala – a eunuch during the incognito (staying in disguise for a year) exile period in the Mahabharata. As Brihannala, Arjuna taught dance and music to Uttara, the daughter of King of Virata.

How did Hanuman and Arjuna fall on the feet of Krishna?

When Hanuman looked under the bridge, He found a tortoise holding the bridge supporting it. Hanuman immediately realised that the tortoise was Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna then appeared before them in His true form and both Hanuman and Arjuna fell on his feet. Krishna says,