Who are the Peshmerga?

Who are the Peshmerga?

The Peshmerga ( Kurdish: پێشمەرگه, romanized: Pêşmerge, lit. ‘those who face the death’), is the Kurdish branch of the Iraqi Armed Forces. They are the military forces of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

What happened to the Peshmerga in 2014?

In 2014, the Peshmerga withdrew from the Nineveh Plains which was said by the locals as being a contributing factor of the quick Islamic State victory in the invasion, and the widespread massacre of Yazidis, who were rendered defenseless. Peshmerga special unit near the Syrian border on June 23, 2014.

Can the Peshmerga be a game-changer in Iraq and Syria?

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Who are the Peshmerga (Sorani Kurdish)?

Peshmerga (Sorani Kurdish: پێشمەرگە‎, Kurmanji: Pêşmerge), meaning Those who face death are the military forces of the autonomous region of Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Since the Iraqi Army is forbidden by Iraqi law to enter Kurdistan Region, the Peshmerga, along with their security subsidiaries, are responsible for the security of Kurdistan Region.

Literally meaning “those who face death” ( Pesh front + marg death) the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan have been in existence since the advent of the Kurdish independence movement in the early 1920s, following the collapse of the Ottoman and Qajar empires which had jointly ruled over the area. Peshmerga forces include women in their ranks.

What is it like to be a female Peshmerga in Iraq?

Female Peshmerga assumed more active combat roles and ultimately joined the front lines of the battle against IS. These women fought bravely and demonstrated to both potential recruits and their superiors that female Peshmerga were a valuable asset to combat forces.

Who are the female commanders in the Peshmerga?

Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid, who is currently the highest ranking female commander in the Peshmerga, is but one example. And for their part, many women are interested in taking on combat roles.