Who are the Plugz?

Who are the Plugz?

The Plugz (also known as “Los Plugz”) were a Latino punk band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1977 and disbanded in 1984. They and The Zeros were among the first Latino punk bands, although several garage rock bands, such as Thee Midniters and Question Mark & the Mysterians, predated them.

Who is Tito Larriva?

Humberto “Tito” Larriva (born 1953) is a Mexican/American songwriter, singer, musician, and actor. He came to prominence leading The Plugz, one of the earliest Los Angeles punk rock groups. Since the 1990s, his main musical outlet has been the Tito & Tarantula.

Who were the first Latino ska punk band in the States?

The first Mexican punk bands emerged from the middle classes of Mexico City with bands such as Size, Dangerous Rhythm, Serpentis and Hospital X, inspired by both New York and London punk scenes.

Where is Tito from the tarantulas from?

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Tito Larriva was born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico but spent his early years living outside Fairbanks, Alaska; his family later relocated to El Paso, Texas, where he studied violin and flute as a member of his school orchestra.

Who played guitar in From Dusk Till Dawn?

Tito Larriva: Titty Twister Guitarist & Vocalist.

Is ska a rock?

Ska is a genre of music that combines Jamaican and Caribbean rhythms, punk rock energy, and horn sections. Together, these elements create an energetic, highly danceable style of music that has achieved off-and-on mainstream popularity.

Who is the Mexican band in From Dusk Till Dawn?

Tito & Tarantula
The Chicano rock band Tito & Tarantula, who portrayed the band in the Titty Twister bar, appears on the soundtrack as well.

Who was the house band in From Dusk Till Dawn?

The band playing at the start of the movie is Cruzados. After the band disbanded, lead singer Tito Larriva formed the band Tito & Tarantula, which is the band that played at the Titty Twister in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).

Is Santana in From Dusk Till Dawn?

Welcome to slavery! Santánico Pandemonium to Seth Gecko in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Who are the members of cruzados?

The Cruzados were formed in 1984 by the third incarnation of The Plugz, featuring members Tito Larriva, Steven Hufsteter, Chalo Quintana, Tony Marsico and Marshall Rohner. The band’s self-titled album on Arista Records, Cruzados, was released in 1985 as well as their second album After Dark in 1987.

Is there a cruzados album on CD?

happy to have found it on CD. Cruzados is the 1985 debut album of Los Angeles rock band the Cruzados. It featured the band’s “classic line-up” of Tito Larriva, Steven Hufsteter, Tony Marsico, and Chalo Quintana. It also featured the band’s best known songs, such as “Motorcycle Girl” “Flor De Mal” and “Just Like Roses”.

Is cruzados’music better than Titoarantula?

I honestly thought that Tito & Tarantula’s music was the best there was, but Cruzados have proven even better. The opening track is “Wasted Years”, a spectacular song.

How did you first discover cruzados?

I first discovered Cruzados through a Robert Rodriguez CD called “Mexico & Mariachis–Music From And Inspired By Robert Rodriguez’s ‘El Mariachi’ Trilogy”, which featured two tracks from this album: Flor De Mal and Just Like Roses. Though Flor De Mal didn’t impress me much, it was a fine song nevertheless.