Who are the traditional owners of Thursday Island?

Who are the traditional owners of Thursday Island?

Traditional Owners: The Kaurareg People are the traditional owners of the land and seas surrounding Thursday Island.

Why do people go to Thursday Island?

Its strategically important location during World War II’s Pacific campaign, the island was became the second-most attacked location in Australia. Visit the island’s significant military sites on the In Their Steps tour to explore the museum, trenches, underground command posts and aircraft wrecks.

What do people do in Thursday Island?

The Thursday Island option is described as “At Thursday Island you embark on a 2 hour air-conditioned bus tour taking in the island culture and visiting interesting historical sites, including Green Hill Fort with its abandoned bunkers and tunnels. Some of these tunnels are home to the Torres Strait Historical Museum.

What language is spoken on Thursday Island?

Torres Strait Creole
Torres Strait Creole is the dominant language spoken on Thursday Island by the Islanders, followed by Kalaw Lagaw Ya, commonly called Mabuiag (pronounced Mobyag) by many, although English is also spoken.

Are Torres Strait Islanders Aboriginal?

Torres Strait Islanders are First Nations Australians who come from the islands of the Torres Strait, between Cape York in Queensland and Papua New Guinea. They are of Melanesian origin and have differing identities, histories and cultural traditions to Aboriginal Australians.

Can I go to Thursday Island?

You can reach Thursday Island via Horn Island either by plane from Cairns or Bamaga or by boat from Bamaga. While on Horn Island, visit the museum showcasing the Torres Strait’s involvement in World War 2 and the pearling industry before you catch a boat to picturesque Thursday Island.

What is the population of Thursday Island?

Thursday Island’s population of 2,550 is made up, largely of indigenous Torres Strait Islanders, a Melanesian people.

Why is it called Thursday Island?

The origin of the name ‘Thursday’ is obscure, perhaps bestowed by William Bligh or Owen Stanley. There are also Wednesday and Friday Islands in the Prince of Wales Group. The first place of permanent European settlement in Torres Strait was Somerset, south-east of the Cape York tip, sheltered by Albany Island.

Can you walk around Thursday Island?

There is no public transport on the island so the best way to get around is on foot or bike. This loop takes in most of the main points close to the coast plus the must-see Green Fort, that has amazing views. It is home diverse flora and fauna both on land and in the ocean.

Are there crocodiles in the Torres Strait Islands?

The Torres Strait is well within known crocodile country. DES strongly reminds people to be mindful of crocodile habitat as no waterway in croc country can ever be considered free of crocodiles. Crocodile sightings can be reported to DES on 1300 130 372.