Who built Shaniwar Wada in Pune?

Who built Shaniwar Wada in Pune?

Shaniwar Wada a 13 storey palace of Peshwas was built by Bajirao-I, in the year 1736.It was head quarter of the Peshwas and it symbolizes Pune’s culture. The structure was built giving security the highest priority.

Which is the famous Wada in Pune?

Shaniwar Wada
Shaniwar Wada is a historical fortification in the city of Pune, India….

Shaniwar Wada
Location Pune, India
Built 1732
Architectural style(s) Maratha imperial architecture
Owner Maratha Empire (1732–1818) United Kingdom (1818–1947) Company Raj (1818–1858) British Raj (1858–1947) India (1947–present)

Why is Shaniwar Wada closed at night?

According to the general belief held by the locals in Pune, the Wada is also populated with the wandering spirits of people who lost their lives in the fire that engulfed the fort long back. Apparently, for all these reasons, people are discouraged from entering the fort after 6:30 PM.

Who was living in Shaniwar Wada?

Peshwa Baji Rao I laid the foundation of his residence on January 10, 1730 and it was named as “Shaniwar Wada”. During the year of 1758, more than thousands of people lived in the fort. Madhavrao, Vishwasrao and Narayanrao were the three sons of the Peshwa Nanasaheb.

What happened Shaniwar Wada?

Since the fall of Peshwas in November 1817, the Shaniwar Wada was under control of the British. The fire which, it is said, simmered for over a week, destroyed most of the interiors of the once magnificent yet austere building and what was left was little more than the compound walls and its many gates.

What happened to the Shaniwar Wada in Pune?

Hence only the stone base of the Shaniwar Wada remains and can be seen even today in the older parts of Pune . By 1758, at least a thousand people lived in the fort. In 1773, Narayanrao, who was the fifth and ruling Peshwa then, was murdered by guards on orders of his uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai.

How much does it cost to visit Shaniwar Wada?

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What is the history of Shaniwarwada Pune?

Shaniwarwada, once the seat of the Peshwa governance in Pune is a 286-year-old mansion and is one of the finest examples of architecture in the city. It is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra. This grand mansion was built by the Peshwa Bajirao I himself as the residence of the Peshwas.

How did Shaniwar Wada Palace get its name?

The palace was named Shaniwar Wada after the Marathi words Shaniwar (Saturday) and Wada (residential complex). The teak for the construction was imported from the jungles of Junnar; lime was fetched from the lime-belts of Jejuri and stone was brought from the quarries of Chinchwad.