Who is Ashley M Fox?

Who is Ashley M Fox?

Ashley M. Fox is a former Wall Street analyst and the founder of Empify, a social enterprise created to modify the way people perceive themselves and the role of money in their lives.

What is the wealth Builders?

The WealthBuilders Community is a private community that shows you how to confidently build wealth, so that you can live a stress free, debt free, and financially free life.

Who is Kash Rastan?

Kash Rastan – CEO – Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Associate Producer of THINK & GROW RICH: The Legacy | LinkedIn.

What is SBI wealth Builder plan?

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder is a unit-linked insurance plan which offers some guaranteed additions at various points in your policy term. Your nominee will get the Sum Assured or Fund Value, whichever is higher as Death Benefit. On Maturity, you will get the Fund Value as a lumpsum amount.

What is wealth coach?

A wealth coach coaches the client to manage and create wealth. Such coaches help the clients to feel empowered by taking control over their financial future. Along with this, a wealth coach helps the client to understand the emotional dynamics with the money.

What are the benefits of SBI Life Smart wealth Builder?


  • The insured will get the total Fund Value on Maturity and on death, higher of the basic SA net of any partial withdrawals already made from the Fund Value or Fund Value subject to 105% of the premiums paid.
  • Guaranteed Additions are paid from the end of the 10th policy year @ 5% and increase every 5 years.

How is SBI Smart wealth Builder calculated?

This is how SBI Life – Smart Wealth Builder Plan works: Choose the Life Cover amount, policy term, and premium payment frequency. Based on age and the other chosen parameters, the premium and Sum Assured will be determined.

Why you need a financial coach?

Practically speaking, a financial coach will help you set and achieve financial goals and develop good money habits. You should work with a coach if you need help tackling these tasks: Budgeting. Getting out of debt.

What do financial coaches do?

A financial coach is someone who will help you understand the basics of personal finance and help you develop and maintain healthy financial habits. Their main job is to empower their clients to reach their financial goals and learn how to handle their finances responsibly.

What is fund value in SBI Life Smart wealth Builder?

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder is a non-participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan which aims to provide for every requirement of the policyholder through wealth maximization….Details About Premium.

Age 35 years 45 years
Fund Value @ 4% 871,443 860,664
Fund Value @ 8% 12,06,211 11,91,980

How can I pay my SBI Life Smart wealth Builder?

If you are already a registered customer of the My Policy self-service portal, you can pay the premium by logging in to My Policy. If you are a non-registered customer, you can visit www.sbilife.co.in to make the payment. Online premium payment can be made 30 days in advance from the premium due date.

How can I cancel SBI Smart wealth Builder?

Your request for cancellation of the policy under the free look option must reach your nearest SBI Life Office within a period of 15 days or 30 days, as the case may be, as mentioned above.