Who is Ken Chiampou?

Who is Ken Chiampou?

Ken Chiampou, a native of Brentwood, New York, was a certified public accountant and had graduated from the University at Buffalo, working in corporate audits for a Big Eight firm.

How long have John and Ken been on the air?

January 17, 2008 at 3:00 a.m. John & Ken. After 20 years on local radio, it seems as if they have always been on a first-name basis with us. Like them or hate them, their activist-style afternoon drive radio program perfectly mirrors the KFI/640 AM vision of “more stimulating talk radio.”

What happened to John and Ken KFI?

Two Los Angeles radio talk hosts have been suspended for what their station management termed “insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston.” KFI AM 640 announced the suspension of John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” on Thursday after the comments were made February …

Is Bill Handel ever coming back?

Bill Handel, morning host at iHeartMedia talk KFI Los Angeles (640), has returned to his post after a health scare that had him in the hospital numerous times and off the air for more than a month.

Who is Shannon Farren?

Shannon Farren takes listeners to the field and describes what it’s like working as the Bolts’ radio sideline reporter, what’s been her favorite stadium to visit, and more.

How do I contact John and Ken?

  1. Email. [email protected].
  2. Call. Studio Line: The Moistline: (877)-MOIST-86.
  3. Text. Studio Line: 640640.

Is Tim Conway Jr still on KFI?

Show is a weeknight talk radio program, currently web streaming and broadcasting throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County, California metropolitan areas at KFI AM 640.

What is wrong with Bill Handel’s back?

The results of an MRI showed that Handel had a cyst next to his spine. Fluid was removed from the cyst but the infection moved into the bone and into his bloodstream. After an eight-day hospital stay and various pain and antibiotic medications, Handel was released.

Where is Bill Handel today?

One of the top Talk radio personalities in the U.S., Bill Handel is host of the nationally syndicated program Handel on the Law, as well as the top-rated Los Angeles morning show on KFI AM 640, The Bill Handel Show.

Is Bryan Suits still working for KFI?

One of the more popular specialty hosts on KFI (640 AM) was Bryan Suits, especially when he hosted “The Dark Secret Place” on weekends in which he spoke of military operations and related subjects. Suits left the station in 2021 to focus on a paid podcast program.

Where is Tim Conway Jr?

Tim Conway, Jr. resides in Burbank, California with his wife.

What is KFI phone number?

To learn more about advertising with iHeartMedia and KFI AM 640, contact us at 1-844-BUY-RADIO, or send us an inquiry.