Who is No 1 direct selling in India?

Who is No 1 direct selling in India?

Amway India Enterprises
1. Amway India Enterprises. Amway India has established itself as India’s largest direct selling company.

Which is the world’s largest direct selling company?

Amway is the leading company within the direct selling world, however, there are many other companies in the United States and across the globe that sell to the consumer directly. One such example is Herbalife.

Who is the No 1 direct selling company in world 2021?

The 2021 List of Top 100 MLM Companies in the World

2021 Rank Company 2020 Revenue
1 Amway 8.5 $US Billion
2 Herbalife 5.5 $US Billion
3 Vorwerk 4.1$US Billion
4 Infinitus 3.9 $US Billion

What are the top 10 direct selling companies?

Amway. Amway has the distinction of being the top most profitable direct sales company.

  • Avon. Avon has been around for a long time.
  • Mary Kay. Like Avon,Mary Kay is a household name when it comes to direct sales companies.
  • Tupperware.
  • Beauty Counter.
  • Lularoe.
  • Young Living.
  • Paparazzi.
  • Pampered Chef.
  • Usborne Books.
  • What is the best direct selling company?

    WineShop. Wine lovers would love the WineShop products.

  • The Cocoa Exchange. The Cocoa Exchange offers different brands of chocolate.
  • Tastefully Simple. Tastefully Simple company offers over 60 meal kits.
  • Tealightful Tea. Tea lovers will like to consider Tealightful Tea.
  • Wildtree.
  • Scout&Cellar.
  • Xocai.
  • What are the top direct sales companies in the US?

    Largest 25. The DSA Largest 25 member companies, recognized each year at the DSA Annual Meeting, are leaders in our industry and are DSA’s largest members based on net sales in the United States for the previous year. The 2020 DSA Largest 25 member companies are: Ambit Energy. Amway. Arbonne International, LLC. CUTCO/Vector Marketing Corporation.

    What companies sell Direct stocks?

    General Electric[DSPP]

  • McDonalds[DSPP]
  • Motorola[DSPP]
  • Baidu[DSPP]
  • Caterpillar[DSPP]
  • General Mills[DSPP]
  • The Bank of New York[DSPP]
  • Novartis[DSPP]
  • Computershare[DSPP]
  • Pfizer[DSPP]