Who is No 9 for Collingwood?

Who is No 9 for Collingwood?

Jack Ginnivan
Hear from Jack Ginnivan after Collingwood’s round two clash against the Crows.

Why does Mason Cox wear sunglasses?

Cox, who has a frustrating history of eye injuries, was granted permission by the AFL last month to wear prescription sunglasses during games this season to assist his vision.

Who is No 1 for Collingwood?

Jay Rantall
Collingwood Playing List for 2021

# ↧ Player Weight
1 Jay Rantall 82kg
2 Jordan De Goey 82kg
3 Isaac Quaynor 83kg
4 Brodie Grundy 101kg

Who is Kelly?

Lieutenant Commander Will Kelly is an active duty naval officer and Strike Fighter Pilot.

Who is No 7 for Collingwood?

– Season Avg. Consolidated on his breakout 2020 campaign with another strong season last year.

What number was daicos?

1979 Season stats

RD VS Guernsey No.
Round 6 Essendon 35
Round 12 Fitzroy 35
Round 14 St Kilda 35
Round 15 North Melbourne 35

Why is a Collingwood player wearing glasses?

The AFL has given Collingwood’s Mason Cox the go-ahead to wear prescription sunglasses in competitive matches. The Magpie player has been left long-sighted after injuries sustained while playing. He has had several eye surgeries over the last three years. Cox has been trialing the glasses throughout the pre-season.

Why is no 46 for Collingwood wearing glasses?

Collingwood forward Mason Cox has been granted permission to wear prescription sunglasses in games this season, having trialled the eyewear over summer. Cox has a history of eye injuries and has required six surgeries – three on his left eye, two on the right, and cataract surgery – in recent years.

Who is number 8 in Collingwood?

7 and second-year player Trent Bianco takes No. 8 from the retired Tom Langdon.

How tall is Will Kelly?

6′ 4″Will Kelly / Height

What does Brandon Farris do for a living?

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Who is No 4 for Collingwood?

Brodie Grundy

Brodie Grundy
Weight 108 kg (238 lb)
Position(s) Ruck
Club information
Current club Collingwood