Who is on the cover of Welcome to forever?

Who is on the cover of Welcome to forever?

Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever is the fifth mixtape by recent Def Jam signee and DMV area rapper, Logic. Logic was featured on the cover of XXL Magazine’s annual Freshmen cover for 2013, which consists of the top ten new rappers in the game each year.

When was Welcome to Forever released?

May 7, 2013Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever / Release date

How many mixtapes does Logic have?

eight mixtapes
American rapper Logic has released six studio albums, one soundtrack album, eight mixtapes, 47 singles (including 28 singles as a featured artist), three promotional singles and 40 music videos.

How old is the rapper Logic?

32 years (January 22, 1990)Logic / Age

Does Logic have any platinum albums?

Starting out with his Young Sinatra mixtapes series in 2010, Logic has steadily grown to become one of the most consistent rappers of his generation, earning respect with his super-lyrical penmanship as well as putting up solid numbers – he has three platinum albums.

Is Logic retiring from rap?

Logic has ended his retirement from music after less than a year, announcing to his fans: “I’m back.” The Maryland rapper said that he was retiring following the release of his sixth studio album ‘No Pressure’, which arrived in July 2020.

Who are Eminem’s parents?

Debbie Nelson
Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.

How many platinums does J Cole have?

All five of J. Cole’s studio LPs have been certified platinum by the RIAA. The last three—2014 Forest Hills Drive, 4 Your Eyez Only, and KOD—have famously gone “platinum with no features.” In a 2019 feature with Allison P.

Is Logic still making music 2021?

By Andy Malt | Published on Friday 18 June 2021 When Logic announced his retirement from music, I don’t think anyone expected it to last very long. Although, to his credit, he stuck it out for almost a whole year. Or, at least, he did so as long as you’re willing to ignore all the music he released during that time.

Is Logic making more music?

Logic Ends Retirement, Teases New Music With Michael Jordan Press Release: ‘I’m Back’ Less than a year after announcing his retirement, Logic has hinted to fans that he’s making a return to music this Friday with the release of new material.