Who is Sai Laddi Shah Ji?

Who is Sai Laddi Shah Ji?

Ghulam Shah also known as Laddi Shah became the head of the darbar after Murad Shah left this world. Sai continued to look after the darbar and continue building the darbar. Sai used to organize an annual Urs mela (fair) in the memory of Murad Shah, which he invited Qawwal’s and Sufi Punjabi Singers to perform.

What is the history of nakodar?

History Of Nakodar The town was anciently founded by the Hindu Kamboh, according to Sir William Wilson Hunter and others. The Kamboh settlements lay to the west of present town and the sites are still marked by extensive ruins and two old fine tombs, now called the Black and Red Domes, from the color of the material.

Why is nakodar famous?

The town is well paved and currently forms a Tehsil of District Jalandhar. Outside the town, there are two large tombs dating from the times of Emperor Jahangir, later one of them is said to be the burial place of the adviser of Emperor Shah Jahan, but it is not known who stand buried in the earlier tomb.

What is nakodar PIN code?

Nakodar/Zip codes

Which district is nakodar?

Jalandhar district
Nakodar is a town and a municipal council in Jalandhar district in the Indian state of Punjab.

What is the pin code of Phagwara?

Phagwara/Zip codes

What is PIN code of Hoshiarpur?

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How many villages are there in Nakodar?

146 villages
As of the 2011 Census of India, there are 146 villages under Nakodar tehsil, a subdivision of Jalandhar district, in Punjab, India.

Why is Nakodar famous?

Which district is Phagwara?

Kapurthala district
Phagwara is a city and it recently became municipal corporation in Kapurthala district in the central part of Punjab – located in the Doaba region of the Indian state of Punjab.

Why Kapurthala is divided into two parts?

The district is divided into two noncontiguous parts, the main Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi portion and the Phagwara tehsil or block. The Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi part lies between north latitude 31° 07′ and 31° 22′ and east longitude 75° 36’….

Kapurthala district
Literacy 80.20%
Website www.kapurthala.gov.in

What is the Pincode of dasuya Hoshiarpur?

144205Dasuya / Zip code