Who is the guy in Duke Dumont videos?

Who is the guy in Duke Dumont videos?

Rique Castilloveitia
Rique Castilloveitia, or simply known as Rique, was born on July 21st, 1986, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is an actor, editor, director, writer, and producer, who is most notable for his lead role in the MVA nominated music video for the #1 hit dance single, “Need U (100%)”, by Duke Dumont.

Is Duke Dumont techno?

In 2014, “Need U (100%)”, was nominated for “Best Dance Recording” for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards….

Duke Dumont
Genres House deep house tech house electronic
Occupation(s) DJ, producer
Years active 2007–present
Labels Blasé Boys Club Virgin EMI Defected

What genre is Duke Dumont?

Electronic dance music
Deep houseDance/Electronic
Duke Dumont/Genres

Where was I got u Duke Dumont filmed?

Music video Starring the model and actor Rique and New Zealand model Kylee Tan, the video was released on 19 February 2014, and was filmed in Thailand in locations between Bangkok and Phuket.

Who sang I Got You Duke Dumont?

Duke DumontI Got U / Artist

What nationality is Duke Dumont?

EnglishDuke Dumont / Nationality

What is Duke Dumonts real name?

Adam George DymentDuke Dumont / Full name

What state does Duke Dennis live in?

According to information available on his brother’s Instagram and social network, the YouTuber currently resides in South Carolina, the USA. The gamer does not reveal his house’s exact location but he calls it “DeeBlock.” In one of his videos, the YouTube star described his residence.

Where is Duke Dumont from?

Rayners Lane, United KingdomDuke Dumont / Place of birth

Does Duke Dumont sing?

“Ocean Drive” is a song by British DJ and record producer Duke Dumont, and features uncredited vocals by Boy Matthews. It was released as the lead single from his seventh extended play, Blasé Boys Club Part 1, on 31 July 2015.