Who is the main character of crossover?

Who is the main character of crossover?

Josh Bell

Who is Alexis in the crossover?

Miss Sweet Tea is a new girl at Josh and JB’s school. She’s beautiful and often wears pink Reeboks. All the boys are taken with her, but she’s especially interested in JB.

What do Josh’s parents argue about?

There is a traffic stop on the way to a game, in which the boys’ father (like many an African-American man) is pulled over for a minor infraction; Josh is warned by his mother about what happens to young black men who let their tempers get the better of them; his parents fight not over money or fidelity but over diet …

What is the main problem in the book the crossover?

The main conflict is Josh being frustrated with the things going on in his life. The problems with the team, his brother, his dad, his friends, and things in school.

Does Josh’s dad die in the crossover?

Dad dies of another heart attack during Josh’s final championship game. He leaves his championship ring to Josh, suggesting that Josh is now “Da Man.”

How did the crossover end?

Over the next few weeks, Chuck suffers two more major heart attacks, the second of which ultimately kills him. Chuck’s death seems to suck all the light out of Josh’s life, but Josh comes to understand that he still has his brother, JB. JB feels the same way, and as such, both brothers renew their relationship.

What is the climax in the crossover?

Climax: Closing in on playoff season, Josh loses control of his emotions and chucks the ball at JB during a game as hard as he could. JB starts bleeding really badly through his nose, and they find out Josh broke JB’s nose. Josh’s mom suspends Josh from the team so he can’t play in the playoffs.

Why did Chuck Bell retire from basketball?

Why did Chuck Bell retire from basketball? He wanted to start a family. He had patella tendinitus. He was diagnosed with hypertension.

What happened to Chuck Bell in the crossover?

Sadly, after the game, Chuck Bell died of a heart attack. He was 39. Before he died he gave his championship ring to josh. I really enjoyed this book because I LOVE basketball and this book was about basketball.

Who is Chuck in the crossover?

Dad/Chuck “Da Man” Bell Dad is a former superstar basketball player who now works as a stay-at-home dad. He was a phenom in college, played exceptionally well in the Olympics, and led his European League team to victory as a rookie. He was invited to try out for the LA Lakers.

Why does his dad have to sit in the top row of the bleachers?

His dad has to sit in the top row of bleachers so he doesn’t get up and run on the court to yell at the ref. His mom is so worried about his dad’s behavior because he has high blood pressure. Josh’s mom is the assistant principal of the school.

Why does Josh feel miles away from his family on the ride home from the hospital even though he is only a few feet from them?

Even though Josh is only two feet away from any of his family members, he feels miles away. Now that Josh’s actions have hurt someone, his sense of loneliness gets even worse. This suggests that the loneliness was easier to deal with when Josh wasn’t the one enforcing it.

Who is the antagonist in the crossover?

Miss Sweet tea

What was Josh’s tipping point why?

The point when an object shifts from one position into a new, entirely different one. What is Josh’s tipping point? Josh’s tipping point is when he sees JB kissing his girlfriend.

Why does Josh have dreadlocks in the crossover?

At the beginning of the novel, Josh wears his hair in locks. He explains that he does this not just to differentiate himself from JB, but also because it makes him feel closer to Dad, whose locks looked like wings in an old photo.

How does Josh get in trouble at school?

What was Josh doing at school to be accused of cheating? JB passed a folded note to Ms Sweet TEa and Josh got caught with it.

What does Josh’s twin brother love more than basketball?

Told in verse, The Crossover is narrated by twelve-year-old Josh, a middle schooler and a great basketball player. His twin brother also loves basketball too, and both play on the school team. Though they are identical, it is easy to tell them apart because JB has short-cropped hair and Josh has dreadlocks.