Who is the most popular Youtuber in Hong Kong?

Who is the most popular Youtuber in Hong Kong?

As of May 2021, the female singer and songwriter G.E.M. was the most followed celebrity among YouTube users in Hong Kong. Her YouTube channel amassed about 1.11 billion video views from 1.2 million of subscribers in the city.

What is Hong Kong Kol?

A key opinion leader (KOL) is an individual on a social platform, like Instagram and YouTube, with influential power on affecting its followers and supporters’ purchasing decisions and popular opinions.

How much do YouTubers earn?

Youtubers earn between $3 and $5 per thousand video views on average. Channel Memberships: Your subscribers make a monthly recurring payment in exhange for exlusive perks that you offer….How much money do youtubers make in India?

1 Million $3,400 to $40,000 ₹7,000 to ₹30,000
150 Million $80,000 to $100,000 ₹1,50,000 to ₹6,00,000

Who is most subscribed in Australia?

Bounce Patrol Kids (23.2m) Launched in 2013, this is where Bounce Patrol comes in as the largest Australian YouTube channel with over 23 million subscribers.

How do I become a KOL?

  1. Identify your niche. KOLs are not born in a day.
  2. Be matchless. Key opinion leaders are synonymous with unique.
  3. Strategize for your social media avatar. You already have made a place for yourself in society as a KOL.
  4. Choose your arena.
  5. Promote and collaborate.
  6. Keep your audience hooked.
  7. Look at the data.

Why is KOL popular?

KOLs influence the influencers. Influencers look to key opinion leaders to as subject matter experts. Brands work with influencers to gain access to their followers. Key opinion leaders are thought leaders because they have the credibility to back up their opinions — not because of their follower counts.

What is Lazarbeams real name?

Lannan Neville EacottLazarBeam / Full name
Lannan Neville Eacott (born 14 December 1994), better known by his online alias LazarBeam, is an Australian YouTuber, professional gamer and Internet personality, known primarily for his video game commentary videos, “comedic riffs” and memes.

Who has the most subs on YouTube?

The Indian music video channel T-Series is the most-subscribed YouTube channel, with 212 million subscribers as of April 2022.

What’s KOL stand for?

Key opinion leaders
KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader, which is also known as an “influencer” in the Western countries. Key opinion leaders are a spokesperson, a brand ambassador, or a thought leader. They are seen as having more importance and relevance than mass media because they are able to connect and relate to their audience.

Does KOL pay media?

Authenticity KOCs are also end-users but what makes them different from other end-users is they have their own blogs or vlogs to express their opinions and views on the products they use. In comparison, KOLs are paid to collaborate with brands, hence the authenticity is weaker than KOC.