Who is Torri Huske?

Who is Torri Huske?

Victoria Huske (born December 7, 2002) is an American competitive swimmer. She is the American record holder in the 100-meter butterfly.

How old is Claire curzan?

17 years (June 30, 2004)Claire Curzan / Age

What events did Torri Huske qualify for?

International Medals

Place Event Year
Gold 50 Fly 2019
Gold 100 Fly 2019
Gold 400 Freestyle Relay 2019
Gold 400 Medley Relay 2019

How old is Torri?

19 years (December 7, 2002)Torri Huske / Age

What race is Torri Huske?

Minutes before Huske — the only child of a Chinese-American immigrant mother and an American father — was about to introduce herself to the sports world in the biggest way possible, by setting her initial American record on the first night of her first U.S. Olympic trials, she was in a very different kind of hurry.

How old is Tori husk?

Did Claire curzan make the finals?

Though Curzan missed the final, she remains one of the rising stars in American swimming. She won the U.S. Open last November with a time of 56.6 seconds in the 100-meter butterfly — a time that made her believe she could qualify for the Olympics.

How tall is dressel the swimmer?

6′ 3″Caeleb Dressel / Height

How many events does Torri Huske have?

Torri Huske, after a record-setting swim trials, enters the Olympics as a possible breakout star. In one week in June in Omaha, Torri Huske swam five events, broke a record in the 100-meter butterfly, turned into a trending search on Google and became the first breakout star of the U.S. Olympic swimming trials.

What nationality is Tori husk?

AmericanTorri Huske / Nationality

How tall is Torri Huske swimmer?

Even now, at 18, she is small for an elite swimmer — just 5-8. (The swimmers who represented the United States in the 100 fly in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Dana Vollmer and Kelsi Dahlia, are 6-1 and 5-11.)

Is Torri Huske Chinese?

American swimming sensation Torri Huske thanked her “inspirational” Chinese mother after breaking the national women’s 100-metre butterfly record and qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Monday.