Who owns Habitat Skateboards?

Who owns Habitat Skateboards?

About Habitat Skateboards Created in 1999 and owned under distribution company Tum Yeto, Habitat was founded by pro skaters Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. Their label is a sister brand to Alien Workshop and Reflex Bearings.

Who makes Habitat skateboard decks?

Habitat Skateboards was founded by Joe Castrucci back in 2000 as a sister company to Alien Workshop. With an Earthy vibe, Habitat has produced several Eco-friendly products including bamboo, hemp & cork ply decks, plus the use of water based glue, ink & clear coats, and even a line of organic apparel.

Who makes Habitat skateboard trucks?

Tum Yeto

Industry Skateboarding
Area served Global
Key people Tod Swank, Ed Templeton
Products Skateboard decks, skateboard wheels, skateboard trucks, skateboard shoes, apparel
Brands Foundation, Toy Machine, Ruckus, Pig Wheels, Dekline, Habitat

Where is Habitat skateboards located?

Cincinnati, OH
Company Description: Habitat Skateboards, LLC is located in Cincinnati, OH, United States and is part of the Clothing Stores Industry.

Is Habitat and Alien Workshop the same?

Originally founded in 1990 by Chris Carter and Mike Hill, Alien Workshop was the original DNA brand. The Workshop pushed all boundaries of skateboard aesthetic, thought, and design. The Sovereign Sect has grown to include two other brands: Habitat Skateboards and Reflex.

Who makes darkroom skateboards?

Working with Mike Sinclair and State Footwear’s Kevin Furtado, this newish venture is driven completely by Pendleton’s creativity. His brand officially launched in October 2018 and it has something for everybody, but is still 100% Pendleton. When did you start DARKROOM?

Is Alien Workshop still in business?

Alien Workshop produced skateboard decks, wheels, apparel, and other skateboard accessories prior to its closure in May 2014.

When did Jason Dill leave Alien Workshop?

Professional skateboarding In 1998, he joined Alien Workshop where he spent 15 years on the pro team. He held the final spot on the influential Photosynthesis video and also appeared in the later Mind Field video. Jason Dill left Alien Workshop in 2013.

Who is Mike Sinclair?

Michael Sinclair, pseudonym of Scottish diplomat and thriller writer Michael Shea.

Who owns Killing Floor skateboards?

John Vitale
The Killing Floor skateboards is an independent skateboard company run by John Vitale, based in Portland, Oregon. John started the company after selling the skateboard shop he ran in Northern California.