Who played Julian in Frenemies?

Who played Julian in Frenemies?

She was Jake’s boyfriend and a antagonist in the first story of the film. She is portrayed by Stefanie Scott.

What kind of dog is Murray in Frenemies?

Winston, a Tibetan terrier-Jack Russell mix, will be taking a star turn as Murray the dog in the new Disney Channel original movie, Frenemies, which premieres this Friday, Jan.

Where was Frenemies filmed?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Production. The film was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is very evident that it was shot in Canada because in a scene, you can see Conservative Party of Canada campaign signs in the background. This means that some scenes were filmed before the Canadian general election, 2011, which occurred on May 2.

Is Frenemies on Disney plus?

Watch Frenemies | Full movie | Disney+ Three very different sets of friends—a wiz kid and his skeptical dog, two competing writers and a pair of life-swapping look-alikes—deal with the ups and downs of friendship.

How old is Stefanie Scott?

25 years (December 6, 1996)Stefanie Scott / Age

Who plays Leonard in Frenemies?

DeShaun Clarke
Frenemies (TV Movie 2012) – DeShaun Clarke as Leonard – IMDb.

What was Zendaya’s first role?

Zendaya’s first film role was in Frenemies (2012), a Disney Channel Original Movie. On February 29, 2012, “Something to Dance For” was released as promotional single for Live 2 Dance.

Who created Frenemies?

Frenemies is a podcast hosted by Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas. The podcast was created after a run of three successful and well received guest spots by Trish on the H3 Podcast, following a feud between her and Ethan.

Where can I watch Frenemies podcast?

Stream Frenemies Podcast | Listen to podcast episodes online for free on SoundCloud.

How old is Alexandria?

27 years (October 26, 1994)Allie DeBerry / Age

What does Stefanie Scott act in?

Scott made her foray into mainstream film and television with a voice role in the animated film Wreck-It Ralph (2012), for which she won a BTVA Award….

Stefanie Scott
Website stefaniescott.com

What does frenemy mean?

Definition of frenemy informal : a person who is or pretends to be a friend but who is also in some ways an enemy or rival In Hollywood, everyone has lots of frenemies, usually people who are doing comparatively well at any given moment.—