Who plays the director in blacklist?

Who plays the director in blacklist?

Harry Lennix Harold
On June 15, 2021, during Season 8, Megan Boone reported that she is leaving the show….Cast overview.

Actor Harry Lennix
Character Harold Cooper
Position Director of the Counterterrorism Division, FBI Special agent, FBI (season 9)
Seasons 1 Main

Is The Blacklist Cancelled in 2021?

The Blacklist: Season Nine; NBC Series Renewed for the 2021-22 Season.

Is blacklist Cancelled for 2020?

The Blacklist has been renewed for a ninth season which will debut October 21, 2021.

Why did they replace Dom on blacklist?

Producers recast the role because Dom is “instrumental” in the plot line.

Why did Dembe leave blacklist?

“Red and Dembe’s relationship reaches a new low as Red blames Dembe for Liz’s death and Dembe blames Red for the tragic incident that resulted in Dembe leaving Red to become an FBI agent,” The Blacklist executive producer John Eisendrath tells EW.

Is James Spader coming back to Blacklist?

Star/executive producer James Spader is set to return for the 10th season, which will be the second following the departure of both its female lead Megan Boone, who exited at the end of Season 8, and its creator Jon Bokenkamp.

Is blacklist finished?

‘The Blacklist’ Renewed for Season 10 at NBC NBC is staying in “The Blacklist” business. The network has renewed its flagship espionage series for a tenth season. Series star James Spader revealed news of the renewal during his appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday evening.

Why was Megan Boone not in season 8 of The Blacklist?

She didn’t appear in eight episodes of season 8, due to her character being a fugitive. But it did raise some questions about her future on the show. The final two episodes of this run are titled “Nachalo” and “Konets,” which mean “Beginning” and “End” in Russian.

Why is Keene not on blacklist?

Liz’s death was heartbreaking, even to viewers who weren’t big fans of the character. Boone’s decision to leave The Blacklist came from a desire to work on other projects. In fact, Boone has wasted no time making big moves in her career.

Who is the true Raymond Reddington?

Liz’s Father Is The Real Raymond Reddington When Liz was only four she shot Reddington while he was attacking Katarina and then a fire broke out. Though Katarina and Ilya saved Reddington from the fire, The Blacklist’s Raymond Reddington died as a result of Liz’s fatal shot.