Who was the acapella group on The Office?

Who was the acapella group on The Office?

University of Virginia Hullabahoos
It is Halloween, and Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) invites the latest roster of his Cornell University a cappella group, Here Comes Treble (portrayed by the University of Virginia Hullabahoos), to perform for the office during the Halloween party.

Is Here Comes Treble real?

Notes. There is no actual singing group named Here Comes Treble at Cornell. There is, however, a women’s a cappella group named Nothing But Treble.

What was Andy Bernards acapella group?

The Office executive producer Ben Silverman, appears in the lunch scene in which Jim invests $10,000 in the sports marketing venture. Andy’s a cappella group includes members of the real-life University of Virginia a capella group, Hullabahoos.

Who played Broccoli Rob on The Office?

Stephen Colbert
The nickname “Broccoli Rob” is a pun on the vegetable broccoli rabe, pronounced the same way. Broccoli Rob is portrayed by Stephen Colbert, who had previously worked with both Ed Helms and Steve Carell on “The Daily Show”.

Is Andy Boner Champ?

While he earned his college nicknames like “Puke” and “Boner Champ,” Andy gave himself the “Nard Dog” moniker and tried to force its use on almost everyone he met, much to the chagrin of his office coworkers.

Did Ed Helms go to Cornell?

Helms entered Oberlin College as a geology major but ended up graduating in 1996 with his Bachelor of Arts in film theory and technology. He spent a semester as an exchange student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

What episode does Dwight wear a pumpkin?

Here Comes Treble
“Here Comes Treble” is the fifth episode of the ninth season of The Office and is the show’s 181st overall.

Why does Andy call himself Nard Dog?

Senior Member. Andy Bernard is the salesman in the Office and he is just affectionately referred to as the ‘Nard ( i.e. Bernard) dog ( i.e.mate). So Nard dog just refers to Andy Bernard.

Did Ed Helms sing acapella?

Helms, too, sang a cappella, while he was at Oberlin, in a group called the Obertones. You might assume, as I did, that this was one of Helms’s contributions to the character, but you’d be wrong.

Did Pam sleep with the cameraman?

Writer Owen Ellickson says there was even some talk of Pam and Brian “maybe hooking up a little bit,” but Daniels says he never intended for their relationship to get that far: “Ultimately, I didn’t think it was about actually going there. They never did anything.