Who was the female singer in the 70s?

Who was the female singer in the 70s?

15 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Female Singers Of The 1970s

  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Stevie Nicks.
  • Gladys Knight.
  • Olivia Newton-John.
  • Dolly Parton.
  • Barbara Streisand.
  • Joni Mitchell.
  • Patti Smith.

Who are the most popular black female singers?

These are the greatest Black female singers of all time, from Aretha and Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey and Sade, as ranked by music enthusiasts like you. The women featured here are standouts in a number of genres. Some famous Black female singers sing the blues while other top Black woman artists are pop superstars.

Who was the first black female pop star?

Ma Rainey, referred to as the “Mother of the Blues”, became popular in the early 1900s. Rainey was the first popular black female stage entertainer to incorporate authentic blues into her song selection.

Who was the most famous black singer in the 70s?

Marvin Gaye However, it was his work in the 1970s that would make an even bigger impact.

Who was the top female singer in the 70s?

8: Carly Simon.

  • 7: Joni Mitchell.
  • 6: Debbie Harry.
  • 5: Donna Summer.
  • 4: Carole King.
  • 3: Barbra Streisand.
  • 2: Diana Ross.
  • 1: Stevie Nicks.
  • Who was a popular singer in the 1970s?

    Other than Elton John, Billy Joel was the best singer/songwriter of the 70s. He was a talented singer, but his songwriting was unmatched by almost anyone. Other than Elton John, Billy Joel was the best singer/songwriter of the 70s. He was a talented singer, but his songwriting was unmatched by almost anyone.

    Who is the best female black singer?

    Absolute Best Black Female Singers of All Time

    • Chaka Khan.
    • Natalie Cole.
    • Patti LaBelle.
    • Mariah Carey.
    • Phyllis Hyman.
    • Sarah Vaughn.
    • Ella Fitzgerald.
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    Who is the most awarded black female singer?

    Brandy Rayana Norwood is the most popular black American singer & actress, born on February 11, 1979. She earned many awards including a Grammy Award, an American Music Award, and seven Billboard Music Awards.

    Who is the best Black female singer?

    Aretha Franklin More than any other performer, she epitomized soul at its most gospel-charged.

    Who was the most popular Black singer?

    Listen to our Black History Month playlist here, and check out our list of the most influential Black musicians, below.

    • 6: Louis Armstrong (1901-1971)
    • 5: Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)
    • 4: Ray Charles (1930-2004)
    • 3: James Brown (1933-2006)
    • 2: Chuck Berry (1926-2017)
    • 1: Little Richard (1932-2020)

    What black female singer started in the 50s?

    The “most popular black recording artist of the 1950s” was Dinah Washington, who amassed more than two dozen R&B top 10 hits between 1948 and 1955.

    Who was the most popular female singer in the 1960s?

    Best 60s Female Singers: 10 Women Who Changed The World

    • 8: Cher.
    • 7: “Mama” Cass Elliot.
    • 6: Dusty Springfield.
    • 5: Nina Simone.
    • 4: Ronnie Spector.
    • 3: Janis Joplin.
    • 2: Diana Ross.
    • 1: Aretha Franklin.

    Who are the top black female singers?

    Tina Turner

  • Aretha Franklin
  • Whitney Houston
  • Etta James
  • Billie Holiday
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Gladys Knight
  • Diana Ross
  • Nina Simone
  • Patti LaBelle
  • Who are some black female singers from the ’60’s and ’70’s?

    Diana Ross gained recognition in the 1960s as a member of the Supremes. Ross left the Supremes in 1969 to begin a solo career. She helped create a role for black female singers in the ’60s, and she was one of the most esteemed black female singers of the ’70s.

    Who is the most famous black female singer?

    Ariana Grande

  • Adele
  • Lady Gaga
  • Rihanna
  • Sia
  • Beyoncé Knowles
  • Demi Lovato
  • P!nk
  • Dua Lipa
  • Taylor Swift
  • Who aresome female singers from the 70s and 80s?

    The Wilson sisters ruled ’80s mainstream rock on many levels, even if their songwriting talents faded into the background during this period. As already the most visible women member of ’70s rock kingpins Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks was well-positioned to become a bona fide solo rock star during the ’80s.