Who was the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback in 2016?

Who was the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback in 2016?

Alex Smith

Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
QB Alex Smith* 328 for 489, 3,502 yards, 15 td, 8 int, & 48 rushes for 134 yards and 5 td
RB Spencer Ware 214 rushes for 921 yards, 3 td, & 33 catches for 447 yards and 2 td
WR Chris Conley 44 catches for 530 yards, 0 td
WR Demetrius Harris 17 catches for 123 yards, 1 td

What team is Steve Smith on 2015?

Baltimore Ravens

2016 Baltimore Ravens 11.4
2015 Baltimore Ravens 14.6
2014 Baltimore Ravens 13.5
2013 Carolina Panthers 11.6

Where is Steve Smith SR now?

NFL.com Analyst Three-time All-Pro receiver Steve Smith Sr. joins the NFL Network as an analyst after 16 seasons in the NFL. Smith will appear on numerous NFL Network shows, including NFL GameDay First during the NFL season, which airs every NFL Sunday at 7 a.m. ET.

Who did Steve Smith win a ring with?

the Spurs
He won a championship with the Spurs in 2003. Smith was widely regarded as an excellent three-point shooter, and is one of three players to make seven 3-pointers in a quarter. He joined the USA men’s national basketball team in the 1994 FIBA World Championship winning the gold medal.

Is KH Mahomes married?

Brittany MatthewsPatrick Mahomes II / Spouse (m. 2022)

Who is Steve Smith’s wife?

Dani WillisSteve Smith / Wife (m. 2018)

Where is Steve Smith born?

Kogarah, AustraliaSteve Smith / Place of birth

Did Stevin Smith go to the NBA?

Professional basketball career During the 1997 NBA season, Smith signed two consecutive 10-day contracts with the Dallas Mavericks, and received his only NBA playing time. He played 60 minutes over eight games, scoring 14 points for a 1.8 per-game average.