Who won Big Brother 2004 UK?

Who won Big Brother 2004 UK?

Nadia Almada
The last remaining housemate, Nadia Almada, was declared the winner, winning a cash prize of £63,500. The series launched on Channel 4 on 28 May 2004 and ended on 6 August 2004.

Who was in Big Brother 2004?

Big Brother contestants 2004: Nadia Almada, Ahmed Aghil, Victor Ebuwa and the rest. Who were the housemates in BB5? Ah, Big Brother 5 – you gave us many things, including the first summer series of the show to show housemates having actual sex on the telly!

Who won Big Brother in 2004?

Nadia Almada has become the fifth winner of the Big Brother reality TV show. The 27-year-old transsexual from Portugal survived four evictions and won the nation over to claim the £63,000 prize.

Who won Big Brother 2005?

Anthony Hutton
He was the cheeky Geordie chappie who won Big Brother in 2005 – but now Anthony Hutton has settled into a much quieter life away from the spotlight. Consett lad Anthony was only 23 when he entered the famous Big Brother house and was crowned the winner 78 days later when the show’s final aired on Channel 4.

What happened to Kitten from Big Brother?

Big Brother rebel Kitten Pinder admitted she behaved like “an idiot” after her stay in the house was cut short due to her bad behaviour. In a break with tradition, producers – and not a public vote – dictated that the rebel contestant be evicted from the show last night.

Did Shilpa Shetty win Big Brother?

In 2007, the stunner made headlines when she participated in Celebrity Big Brother, a British reality TV series. While Shilpa won that season of the controversial reality show, her stay in the house was not so easy.

Who were the pairs in Big Brother 6?


Name Age on entry Secret Partner
Beau Beasley 25 Ivette
James Rhine 29 Sarah
Rachel Plencner 33 Howie
Jennifer Vasquez 27 April

What happened to Kamal from Big Brother?

On Day 15, Kemal survived the public vote and Lesley was evicted from the House. On Day 60, Kemal was nominated for eviction, after receiving just one nomination to-save from her fellow housemates. On Day 64, Kemal was evicted from the House after receiving 51.1% of the public vote over Orlaith.

Who won 2006 Big Brother?

Pete Bennett
The series launched on Channel 4 on 18 May 2006 and ended on 18 August 2006, lasting 93 days – the joint-second longest British edition of Big Brother to date (together with the ninth and tenth series, and one day shorter than the eighth series)….Big Brother (British series 7)

Big Brother
No. of housemates 22
Winner Pete Bennett
Runner-up Glyn Wise

What happened to Michelle and Stuart from Big Brother?

Stuart reportedly tried to break into the music scene, auditioning for James Bourne’s band Son of Dork when Busted split up, but he didn’t have any luck. In 2018, Michelle said: “Me and Stu were together a year after Big Brother and we just went our separate ways in the end.

What happened to Charley from Big Brother?

Charley Kazim Uchea is a Housemate from Big Brother 8 (UK), and was evicted on Day 59, placing 14th. Charley was well-known in her season for her attitude and big fights with enemy Chanelle Hayes. She was also false-evicted, and was sent out into a dead-silent crowd until being announced to return the same day.

How much is Shilpa Shetty paid Big Brother?

Rs. 85 lakhs
Yes! The Bollywood actress took home nearly Rs. 85 lakhs (100,000 pounds) as prize money from the show which she won in 2007 while back in India Bigg Boss that had just started a year earlier gave away Rs.