Who won World of Dance 2016?

Who won World of Dance 2016?

Les Twins
World of Dance (season 1)

World of Dance
Season 1
Hosted by Jenna Dewan
Judges Ne-Yo Jennifer Lopez Derek Hough
Winner Les Twins

Who got a perfect score on World of Dance?

Charity Anderson Reid
Charity Anderson Reid (born 2000) is an American dancer. She specializes in contemporary and acro dance. She and partner Andres Peñate competed on season 2 of World of Dance in 2018, becoming the first in the show’s history to score a perfect 100 on a routine.

Who won season 2 WOD?

The LabWorld of Dance Season 2 / Winner

Did Fik shun win World of Dance?

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall is the male winner of Season 10. His genre is Hip-hop.

Did Kinjaz win world?

Many fans online objected to the outcome and question judge Jennifer Lopez’s objectivity, so we put it to a vote, and Kinjaz won in a landslide.

Who got 100 on World of Dance?

Charity and Andres This contemporary teen duo guaranteed their place in “World of Dance” history when their combative Duels performance made them the first act ever to receive perfect 100s across the board from the judges.

Who scored 100 on World of Dance?

In season 2, duo Charity Anderson and Andres Penate earned the first-ever combined perfect score of 100 during the second Duels round.

Will there be a season 5 World of Dance?

World of Dance will not live to dance another day, with the Jennifer Lopez-produced competition series not returning for Season 5 on NBC. After ending its fourth season in August 2020, the show was noticeably missing from the recently announced NBC summer line-up.

What did Sean and Kaycee score on World of Dance?

Junior (under 18, up to 4 members)

Dance act Age(s) Average Score
Charity & Andres 17 94.9
Sean & Kaycee 16/15 93.4
Jaxon Willard 16 92.1
Josh & Taylor 18/15 90.3