Why are there so many widows in Vrindavan?

Why are there so many widows in Vrindavan?

Widows of Vrindavan come here seeking peace and salvation. The land of lord Krishna, Vrindavan is considered as a holy place for Hindus, but living conditions of widows are pathetic. Widows are lured by their children and family to Vrindavan in the ‘name of god’ and leave them here for the rest of their life.

Why Vrindavan is called widow?

Vrindavan is also known as the “city of widows” due to the large number of widows who move into the town and surrounding area after losing their husbands. There are an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 widows. The widows come from states of west Bengal, Assam and Odisha.

Where is Braj Bhoomi?

Braj, also known as Vraj, Vraja, Brij or Brijbhoomi, is a region in India on both sides of the Yamuna river with its centre at Mathura-Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh state encompassing the area which also includes Palwal and Ballabhgarh in Haryana state, Bharatpur district in Rajasthan state and Morena District in Madhya …

What is the mystery of Nidhivan Temple?

Nidhivan Temple Mystery 1 It is believed that after the closure of Nidhivan Temple the Lord Krishna & Radha appear and perform Ras Leela and if anyone sees these activities, the concerned person becomes dumb, deaf and even blind. The person is not capable of disclosing the activities to anyone in the morning.

Which city is known as city of widows?

But Vrindavan has its darker, less-loving side – it is known as “the city of widows”. Spend a little while observing the pilgrims coming in and out of the temples and you see these widows – usually quite elderly women – dressed in simple white and often begging.

How did widow’s home at Poona help the widows?

How was widow’s home at Poona helpful? Widows’ home at Poona provided shelter to widows who had been treated badly by their husbands’ relatives. Here women were trained so that they could support themselves economically.

Why is Krishna called Banke Bihari?

In the phrase Banke Bihari, the term ‘Banke’ suggests ‘bent at three places’ and ‘Bihari refers ‘the Supreme enjoyer’. Krishna is regarded as the Supreme Enjoyer as he knew how to find rasa in every aspect of life.

Where is Lord Krishna born?

MathuraKrishna / Birthplace

What is Braj Krishna?

Braj is the land of the young Krishna. Not the warrior-statesman of the Mahabharata, not the philosopher-god of the Gita, not the king of Mathura and Dwarka. The land about which an adult but distraught Krishna said to his friend Uddhav, “Udho, mohe Braj bisarat nahi” (Udho, I cannot forget Braj).

Who is brijwasi?

Hemant Brijwasi is a 20-years lad, born in the holy land of Mathura. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family. His father Hukumchand Brijwasi is also a singer and used to sing Bhajans at various religious events to earn his bread.

What happens at night in Nidhivan?

Inside Nidhivan, there is a little temple called Rang Mahal or s hringar-ghar of Radha Rani. According to folklore, Krishna visits here every night and adorn Radha with his own hands. You will see a bed inside and several ornaments and makeup products close to the bed.

Does Lord Krishna come to Nidhivan?

According to locals, Nidhivan was settled by guru Haridas whose deep devotion, penace and meditation compelled Lord Krishna to visit this place. Legend goes that in the Nidhivan temple, Shri Krishna or ‘Thakurji’ arrives after nightfall and performs the divine dance or ras leela with Radha ji and all the gopis.