Why did Peter Weller quit RoboCop 3?

Why did Peter Weller quit RoboCop 3?

Peter Weller was unable to reprise his Robocop role due to scheduling conflicts with Naked Lunch (1991).

Why did RoboCop 3 have a different actor?

The role of RoboCop was recast with Robert John Burke due to Peter Weller being unavailable. The scene where RoboCop receives facial reconstruction after being badly damaged and burned was written in to explain why RoboCop no longer looked like Weller in his scenes without his helmet.

What is the rating on RoboCop 3?

PG-13RoboCop 3 / MPAA rating

Is there a RoboCop 4?

Robocop 4: Crash & Burn.

Who is the little girl in RoboCop 3?

Nikko Halloran | RoboCop Wiki | Fandom.

Who was the villain in RoboCop 3?

Commander Paul McDaggett
Commander Paul McDaggett is the main antagonist of the 1993 film RoboCop 3. He is the merciless Commander of paramilitary Rehab mercernaries working for Omni Consumer Corps. He was portrayed by John Castle, who also portrayed Lord Edgware in Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

What year is RoboCop 3 set?

It was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the buildings seen in the film were slated for demolition to make way for facilities for the 1996 Summer Olympics that were held in the city….

RoboCop 3
Budget $22 million
Box office $47 million

What year is RoboCop 3 set in?

Most of the buildings seen in the film were slated for demolition to make way for facilities for the 1996 Summer Olympics that were held in the city….

RoboCop 3
Directed by Fred Dekker
Screenplay by Frank Miller Fred Dekker
Story by Frank Miller
Based on Characters by Edward Neumeier Michael Miner

Is RoboCop returns still happening?

There is no announced release date for RoboCop Returns at this time. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely set the film back a considerable amount. Most productions are being shut down and even those that are picking back up are running into problems.

How did RoboCop 3 end?

Nikko and Lazarus succeed in reprogramming them using a wireless link from a laptop computer, having them attack each other. The Otomos’ self-destruct system activate, forcing RoboCop to flee with Nikko and Lazarus. The flaming discharge from the jetpack immobilizes McDaggett, leaving him to perish in the blast.

Who is the little girl on RoboCop 3?

What car is the 6000 SUX?

The 6000 SUX appeared in the first film only, and it was never made clear (for obvious legal reasons) which Detroit automaker was responsible for this fictional monstrosity. The car itself was a heavily modified Oldsmobile Cutlass from 1976. The 1994 TV series had cameos from a number of goofy vehicles.

Is there a RoboCop 3?

RoboCop 3 is a 1993 American science fiction action film directed by Fred Dekker and written by Dekker and Frank Miller. It stars Robert Burke, Nancy Allen and Rip Torn.

Who is Robocop in the movie RoboCop?

Alex Murphy is RoboCop, a cybernetic policeman. A creation of a vast corporation, he fights crime and occasional corporate conspiracy in the near-future of Old Detroit. Alex Murphy, a police officer, mortally wounded in the line of duty, is turned into a powerful cyborg and continues to serve the public trust,…

How did RoboCop get saved in RoboCop?

Unable to fight back because of his “Fourth Directive” programming, RoboCop is saved by members of a resistance movement composed of Nikko and residents from Cadillac Heights and eventually joins them.

Can you break RoboCop 3’s Samurai robot?

Robocop 3 had a samurai robot that looked like a normal guy and if you managed to get a decent hit on him he would break like a dodgy little action figure!