Why does the father want his son to be prodigal?

Why does the father want his son to be prodigal?

father wants his son to return back in same manner because he want to live with him in whom he invested his whole life. he is suffering from pain of separation and wants to fill his son with love which will be born out of the pangs of pain and grief the father is suffering from.

What kind of relationship does the father want to build up with his son?

He wants a friend in his son. Father always wants the support of his son. Hope, it helps!

Do you think both father and son are responsible for this generation gap?

Answer: Yes, I think the father is responsible for the present situation. We do not get to hear the son’s version about his relationship with the father here. But the father is guilty of allowing continued silence or non-communication between them and also not understanding the son’s aspirations and feelings.

What does the poet mean by silence surrounds us?

It is from the poem “Father to Son”, so the answer is- Silence surrounds us is used for lake of communication. Silence is what surrounds their relationship and there is complete lack of communication between them.

Why does the father say this child not my child?

Q. Why does the speaker say ‘this child’ not ‘my child’? Ans. Because the child has nothing common with him.

Who wrote the prodigal son in the Bible?

John MacArthur

What do you think is responsible for the distance between father and son?

What do you think is responsible for the distance between father and son? Answer: The lack of understanding on the part of the older generation (here, father) is the root of the problem. The father wants the young man to stick to home turf.

Why Father Cannot understand his son in father to son?

The father is unable to understand his son due to generation gap. It is a psychological and emotional gap between parents or elder people and the young ones. This creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between the parents and children.

Why does grief cause anger?

Thus, anger can be seen as sprouting from the frustration regarding the troubled relationship. Both of them want to reconcile yet find it difficult to do so because of the lack of understanding which is very unsettling.

What did the poet realize when he was twelve years?

What did the poet realize when he was twelve years? At the age of twelve, the poet learnt that Hell and Heaven were not real but mere stories and that science didn’t support the existence of Hell and heaven.

What makes the father angry Class 11?

Ans. The father is troubled because there is no interaction between them. Though they have been living under the same roof for years but they do not understand each other and live like strangers. Their outlook and temperament are different.

What do fathers want their sons to do?

The father wants his son to return home and he is ready to forgive him. He wants his son to initiate the conversation and bring things back to normal. He wants his son to understand him and give him love and respect.

What is the moral of the prodigal son?

The parable of the lost son, in verses 11-32, captures the love of our heavenly Father, God, for sinners and His willingness to forgive and receive back repentant sinners. There are other lessons to learn from this young man, who is so popular that the phrase prodigal son is used even outside the Christian circles!

What does it mean when someone says the prodigal son returns?

One who has returned after spending time away doing or pursuing something that was not condoned by the family or organization they had left, and who is now repentant for their actions. The phrase comes from a parable in the Bible about a son who leaves his father to seek his fortune and returns humbled.

What is a father and son relationship called?

It’s called a filial relationship.

What is the sum of the poem father to son?

Elizabeth Jennings says that fathers and sons all over the world should learn to live on the same globe and same land. The poem talks about the universal problem – lack of communication and understanding.

Why is Father unhappy with his son?

In the poem “Father to Son” by Elizabeth Jennings, the father is unhappy with the son because the son is unlike his father in most aspects and has his own thoughts and interests in spite of having been brought up in the environment and with the values that the father provided him with.

What is the poet’s fear about his broken relationship?

The poet’s fear of his broken relationship is that he himself might have failed somewhere in the process of bringing up his son.

What is prodigal son real name?

Main. Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright (né Whitly), a disgraced former FBI profiler who now works for the NYPD. He possesses the unique ability to view crimes from the perspective of the killer, allowing him to pick up on things that other cops might miss.

Why does the poet think he has lost his childhood?

a)The poet thinks he had lost his childhood because at the age of eleven he realised that hell and heaven were not places that could be found in Geography and since then he had never been the same person.