Why has my bearded dragon stopped eating crickets?

Why has my bearded dragon stopped eating crickets?

Beardie won’t eat crickets The most common reason that a bearded dragon or other lizard will stop eating crickets is simply because they have gotten tired of crickets. If you’ve been feeding your pet crickets for a long time, and it’s always accepted them before suddenly rejecting them, then this may be your issue.

Why is my bearded dragon all of a sudden not eating?

If your bearded dragon consistently won’t eat, one of the first things you should check is enclosure temperature. Dragons that are consistently exposed to temperatures that are too low can have trouble digesting food. They may also develop a weakened immune system. Bearded dragons need a basking spot of 95 to 105°F.

How long can a bearded dragon go without eating crickets?

So an average bearded dragon can go without food for 1-3 months in the wild. Juvenile bearded dragons would not survive that long since they don’t have enough fat reserves. They can hardly last a week before their body demands food.

What is brumation for bearded dragons?

Brumation is a hibernation like state that Bearded Dragons enter into, and is more common in the colder months. There are a number of steps you’ll need to follow, if your Bearded Dragon is ready to brumate.

What can I feed a picky bearded dragon?

Some are good for them, some are not, and some can be deadly. A common question is “can my bearded dragon eat (insert food here)?”….Staple greens

  • Acorn squash.
  • Alfalfa leaves – The leaves and plant body only, not sprouts.
  • Butternut squash.
  • Cactus (prickly pear)
  • Chicory.
  • Collard Greens.
  • Dandelion Greens.
  • Endive.

When should I worry about my bearded dragon not eating?

It is important to seek expert advice from a veterinarian if your bearded dragon isn’t eating after a few days, or if there are any other symptoms (lethargy, loose droppings, lack of droppings, or weight loss).

Is it OK for bearded dragons to eat dead crickets?

You should never feed your dragon dead crickets. When a cricket dies it loses the ability to retain moisture in its body, and that moisture starts to evaporate, which takes with it a lot of the nutrients that it once had.

What can you feed a bearded dragon instead of crickets?

Bearded Dragons can eat a wide range of live food such as crickets, mealworms and kingworms; vegetables such as sweet potato and pepper and leafy greens such as kale and parsley . They can also eat limited amounts of fruit. Greens, vegetables and limited fruit make up the other 20% to 25% of their diet.

What are the signs of brumation?

Your Beardie can show signs of brumation at any time, but they typically show the following signs when their tank’s temperature is decreased:

  • Eating less.
  • Sleeping more.
  • Spending more time in a hide.
  • Staying out of the basking spot.
  • Staying out of direct light.
  • Moving slower than normal.

What months do bearded dragons brumate?

In many cases, you’ll notice signs of brumation in the late fall just before winter (October, November). But for some bearded dragons, brumation starts around June, when it’s winter in Australia.