How do you describe basic training in the Army?

How do you describe basic training in the Army?

In basic training, you’ll learn teamwork, discipline, and how to handle a weapon, rappel and march. The work is physically and mentally demanding. You’ll experience stress, and you’ll test your limits. Know what to expect and arrive prepared.

How would you describe basic training?

Basic Combat Training, often known as “boot camp”, is your introduction to Army service, and where you will learn the traditions, tactics and methods of becoming a Soldier. During Basic, you’ll learn how to work as a member of a team to accomplish tasks.

What are the phases of infantry basic training?

The 10-week basic training consists of three phases: red, white and blue. The red and white phases each are three weeks long; blue phase is four weeks. The Army has brought back “phase testing,” which means soldiers will have to pass a test at the end of every phase before they are allowed to move on.

What is the job description of the infantry?

As an Infantry Soldier, you’ll serve in the field, working to defend our country against any threats on the ground. You’ll capture, destroy, and deter enemy forces, assist in reconnaissance, and help mobilize troops and weaponry to support the mission as the ground combat force.

How long is basic training for infantry?

14 to 16 weeks
How long will my Soldier be in basic training? Basic Combat Training for all Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) in the Army lasts 10 weeks. Infantry and Armor OSUT lasts from 14 to 16 weeks depending on your soldier’s MOS.

Is Army basic training hard?

Army Basic Training is both physically and mentally demanding, but knowing what to expect before you get there will help you start off on the right foot for your Army journey. And at some point during basic, you’ll be grateful for any leg up you can get.

How do you list infantry on a resume?

For example, 13.4% of Infantry resumes contained Weapon Systems as a skill….List Of Skills To Add To Your Infantry Resume

  1. Weapon Systems.
  2. Military Personnel.
  3. Communications Equipment.
  4. Platoon.
  5. Teamwork.
  6. Basic Training.
  7. Clearance.
  8. Honorable Discharge.

Is infantry basic training hard?

BCT or Infantry OSUT is very demanding and challenging. Soldiers are sometimes expected to respond quickly and give 100 percent effort at all times. Most soldiers quickly adapt to the new life. It is difficult, however, because everything is new, and soldiers don’t know what to expect.

How do I prepare to be an infantryman?

Preparation to be an infantryman involves testing and several types of training. Testing: ASVAB Score Required: 90 in aptitude area CO. Initial training: Initial Training in this MOS is primarily conducted through One Station Unit Training (OSUT), which combines basic training and job training into one single course of instruction.

What is involved in basic training for the Army?

Before joining the ranks of the Army, a recruit must handle intensive basic training. This tough multi-phase course initiates the new recruit in the virtues and methods of military life, including physical conditioning, learning how to use a weapon and working as part of a team.

What does an infantryman do?

Lead an infantry team in combat operations, providing tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both superiors and subordinates in the accomplishment of their duties; lead, supervise, and train subordinate personnel.

What skills do you need to be an infantry officer?

The top skills for this position are physical strength, customer service, self-control, listening skills, awareness of public safety practices, and punctuality. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually required for this position. These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Infantry resumes for your reference.