What are Walt Disney comic books worth?

What are Walt Disney comic books worth?

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories

# 1 $48,000.00
# 2 $17,500.00
# 3 $8,200.00
# 4 $6,400.00
# 4b $10,000.00

What comics were popular in the 50’s?


  • Adventures into Terror #43 – Marvel Comics.
  • Amazing Detective Cases #3 spin-off from Suspense – Marvel Comics.
  • Apache Kid #1 – Marvel Comics.
  • Black Rider #8 renamed from Western Winners – Marvel Comics.
  • Cindy Smith #39 renamed from Cindy Comics – Marvel Comics.

Are older comic books worth anything?

Most comics that say 30c or higher on the cover are of later vintage and have limited value. As with most things, there are exceptions. There are some later comics that are “good!” Ones that feature first appearances of important characters, movie tie-ins, or art by popular artists can indeed be good.

What was the first Disney comic?

Mickey Mouse Magazine
Mickey Mouse Magazine (1933–1940) was the first Disney comics publication, and preceded the popular 1940 anthology comic book Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories.

How much is a Donald Duck comic book worth?

Donald Duck (1952-1980 Dell/Gold Key/Whitman/Gladstone) comic books

$25 DONALD DUCK #30 (1953) Dell Comics VG/VG+
$32 L0027: Donald Duck #30 Dell; Very Good Condition; Off White to white
1 day left Auction Donald Duck #30 (GD/VG) (1953, Dell) [c]

How much are old Donald Duck comics worth?

Prices for these have varied quite a bit over time averaging below $200 but have been increasing in the last few years with a recent raw copy going for over $300 (maybe Near Mint Plus / 9.6).

What is the most sought after comic book?

1. Action Comics #1 – CGC 9.0 – $3.2 Million.

What’s the longest running comic strip?

the The Katzenjammer Kids
The Longest-Running Comics The oldest known American comic strip that is still being published, and not in reruns, is the The Katzenjammer Kids, which started on December 12, 1897. Incidentally, two of the oldest strips are continued by the same cartoonist: Hy Eisman produces both Popeye and The Katzenjammer Kids.

What are vintage comic books?

Comic books have been published for more than a century, and collectors categorize them into five ‘Ages’: Platinum (1897-1937), Golden (1938-55), Silver (1956-69), Bronze (1970-79), and Modern (1980-present). Rarity, title, issue, and condition…

What was the name of the first color Disney comic strip?

In late 1931, Walt Disney wanted to ramp up promotion for the Silly Symphonies cartoon series, but the series had no recurring characters, which bugged Walt since he needed an ad mascot. When the first color Silly Symphonies comic strip was published on this day in 1932, it was Bucky to the rescue!

Why did Disney create shut down?

In April of 2014, a notice was put up on the site stating that it would be closing its doors. Disney Create gave users about a month to save their art to their computers, but creations were no longer approved. The reasons given on the site were that Disney was expanding its lineup of digital apps.

When did the first Disney comic book come out?

In 1940, Western Publishing launched the long-running flagship comic book, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, which reached 750 issues in September 2019. Uncle Scrooge, launched in 1952, reached issue #450 in June 2019. In recent decades, Disney comics have seen a decline of popularity in the US.

When did Disney comics stop being published?

By the 1970s, Disney comics were undergoing a steep decline in circulation, with newsstand distribution discontinued in 1981.

When did comic books become popular?

France’s Le Journal de Mickey and the Netherlands’ Donald Duck Weekblad started the trend, publishing weekly comics in 1952, and the others followed in the late 1950s. Germany’s Micky Maus turned weekly in 1957, Denmark’s Anders And & Co. in 1958, Sweden’s Kalle Anka & C:o in 1959, and Italy’s Topolino in 1960.

Where can I find all the Disney comics ever printed?

I.N.D.U.C.K.S. is a freely available database aiming to index all Disney comics ever printed in the world. The project started in 1992; today, the database lists Disney publication, stories, characters, authors, over sea publication of stories in countries that are not known to have ever produced any stories such as Iceland and much more.