What is the meaning of non substantial?

What is the meaning of non substantial?

; without substance
Not substantial; without substance.

What is the opposite substantial?

Opposite of significant in amount, level or degree. inconsiderable. insignificant. paltry. meagerUS.

What is another synonym for substantial?

significant, sizable. (or sizeable), substantive, tidy.

Is little opposite of substantial?

Opposite of substantial is little ,much, great or low.

How do I use substantial in word?

Activities like that pose a substantial risk of injury. She purchased her tickets at a substantial discount. Only the buildings that were constructed of more substantial materials survived the earthquake. I was hoping that they would serve us something more substantial than wine and cheese.

What is an example of substantial?

The definition of substantial is something that is real, considerable or strong. An example of substantial is one person eating three regular-sized burritos in one sitting.

What is the synonym of slightly?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for slightly, like: a-little, ever so little, scarcely any, more-or-less, inconsiderably, lightly, insignificantly, hardly at all, marginally, hardly noticeable and unimportantly.

Which word is an antonym of thrived?

What is the opposite of thrive?

deteriorate decline
recede regress
slump struggle
wane wilt
worsen abate

Is substantial greater than significant?

As adjectives the difference between substantial and significant. is that substantial is having to substance; actually existing; real; as, substantial life while significant is signifying something; carrying meaning.

What is the difference between substantial and substantive?

For sticklers, substantive refers to things that have substance — real things, rather than imaginary things — and substantial should be reserved to refer to things that are large or major. A substantial change is a big change; a substantive change is a change in the substance of something.