What can you do with a PhD in rehabilitation counseling?

What can you do with a PhD in rehabilitation counseling?

A PhD in rehabilitation counseling is preparation for careers in academia teaching counseling practice to others and in research.

How much do rehab managers make?

The salaries of Physical Therapist/rehab Managers in the US range from $78,400 to $117,600 , with a median salary of $98,000 . The middle 67% of Physical Therapist/rehab Managers makes $98,000, with the top 67% making $117,600.

What is the salary range for a rehabilitation therapist?

Average Salary for a Rehabilitation Therapist Rehabilitation Therapists in America make an average salary of $79,813 per year or $38 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $145,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $43,000 per year.

What is rehabilitation science?

Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on human function and disability. Enhancing physical and psychosocial functioning, participation in life situations, and quality of life of people with disabilities. Informing relevant social and health care policy.

What rehabilitation counselors do?

Rehabilitation counselors help people with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities live independently. They work with clients to overcome or manage the personal, social, or psychological effects of disabilities on employment or independent living.

What can I do with a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling?

Beyond the exact title of rehabilitation counselor, there are a number of other roles you could qualify for with this master’s degree.

  • Behavioral Disorder/Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counselor.
  • Educational/Career Counselor.
  • Community Health Worker/Health Educator.
  • Social and Community Services Manager.

What can I do with a rehabilitation services degree?

Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Services Division of Special Education and Counseling

  • Human Services Caseworker/Case Manager.
  • Health Services Coordinator.
  • Homeless Shelter Coordinator.
  • Hospice Coordinator.
  • Job Coach.
  • Job Developer or Job Placement Specialist.
  • Supported Employment Coordinator.

What is the highest degree a person must reach to be a therapist?

A doctoral degree is the highest educational level a therapist can achieve. While it is not required to practice as a therapist, you will have to get a doctorate if you want to become a licensed psychologist. A doctoral degree can also help you gain more knowledge and specialize in a particular area.

Is a degree in human services worth it?

A human services degree might be a good fit if you are interested in social issues and have a desire to help others. Students who choose this degree path are often driven by the desire to bring about social change or, on a more micro level, to help people improve their lives.

How much does a bachelor’s degree in human services pay?

According to our 100% employer reported salary sources the median salary for a Human Services Worker with a Bachelor’s Degree is $27,789 – $30,574.

Where do MSW make the most money?

Metropolitan locations, such as Bridgeport, Connecticut and Trenton, New Jersey offer social workers more money than those in nonmetropolitan regions….Top-Paying Areas for Child, Family, and School Social Workers.

Location Employment Average Annual Salary
New Jersey 4,910 $68,830
Connecticut 5,360 $68,360