What did Juana immediately do with Coyotito?

What did Juana immediately do with Coyotito?

Immediately after Coyotito is stung by the scorpion, Juana attempts to suck the venom out of his wound before she and Kino travel into town to see the European doctor.

What is the purpose and role of the songs Kino hears?

Kino’s Songs These songs point to the oral nature of Kino’s cultural tradition. The ancient, familiar songs, presumably handed down from generation to generation, occupy such a central place in how Kino’s people perceive themselves that the songs actually give form to their inner feelings.

What animals are Kino and Juana compared to?

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  • skirled. made a shrill, piercing sound.
  • keening.
  • To throw it into the sea.
  • The pearl falls in the pathway.
  • They knock a hole in his canoe.
  • Kino has killed a man.
  • Kino hits and kicks Juana when she tries to throw away the earl into the sea (Gulf)
  • Kino is compared to a dog (bared teeth) and a snake.

How does Juana stay with Kino?

Answers 3. Juana knew that she had to stand by her man, even in the midst of his obsession over the Pearl, she had to support him in the midst of his crazyness, ” It meant that he was half insane and half god. It meant that Kino would drive his strength against a mountain and plunge his strength against the sea.

What do Kino and Juana do?

As the sun begins to set, Kino and Juana reach a nearby cleft and replenish their water supply at a pool and stream, where they drink to contentment, and Juana rinses Coyotito. From the lookout, Kino spies the trackers at a distance below, hurrying up the slope. Juana also realizes that they are still being pursued.

What is the function of the songs that Kino hears in the novel?

The songs that Kino hears also underscore the oral nature of his native culture and emphasize his emotions. For example, Kino hears the Song of the Family while Juana makes breakfast and he stares at the tranquil ocean.

Why did Juana not leave Kino?

Nevertheless, Juana, who has a strong sense of family, refuses to go; moreover, she feels too vulnerable without a man; so, because she cannot survive without him, she is willing to risk danger in order to keep her family together.

What is the purpose of the songs in the Pearl?

The songs represent feelings and thoughts that Kino and his family have at different times in their life. These songs are a tradition passed down from generation to generation in his culture. Song of the Pearl That Might Be – each oyster that Kino opens might contain a pearl that could change his family’s life.

What is the song in Chapter 1 Kino hears and what does it suggest about his feelings in the morning?

What is this song he hears and what does it suggest about how he is feeling this morning? He hears the song of the family and it makes him feel peaceful and happy in the morning. On page 5, the song Juana sings is part of the family song and all of it, Kino percieves, is part of the Whole?