What does Angus mean by feel his secret murders sticking on his hands?

What does Angus mean by feel his secret murders sticking on his hands?

nothing in love

Who is king at the end of the play?

What does Lady Macbeth admit to?

They watch as Lady Macbeth begins to act like she is washing her hands and attempting to remove blood stains, which alludes to her participation in Duncan’s murder. As Lady Macbeth rubs her hands together, she laments about the amount of blood on her hands and says, “Out, damned spot!

Why does it stood by her she has light by her continually?

She has light by her continually./ ‘Tis her command. The speaker of this quote is the Gentlewoman. She informs the Doctor about the candle Lady Macbeth is holding. According to the article Symbolism in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the candle represents her desire to dispel evil and darkness.

What happens to fleance at the end of Scene 3?

One of the murderers extinguishes the torch, and in the darkness Fleance escapes. The murderers leave with Banquo’s body to find Macbeth and tell him what has happened.

Do breed unnatural troubles infected minds?

Unnatural deeds(65) Do breed unnatural troubles: infected minds To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets: More needs she the divine than the physician. God, God, forgive us all! Look after her; Remove from her the means of all annoyance, And still keep eyes upon her.

What type of character is fleance?

Fleance, a minor character in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, is the son of Banquo. When the three witches give Macbeth their prediction that he will one day be king, they also tell Banquo that, although he will not be king, his descendants will be.

Who does Caithness believe will heal the country?


What does the doctor mean when he says unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles?

The doctor explains that ‘Unnatural deeds / Do breed unnatural troubles’ (V, i, 69–70), meaning that Lady Macbeth’s strange behaviour has been caused by something unnatural. He recommends that the gentlewoman keep a close eye on Lady Macbeth and remove anything that she might use to cause herself harm.

What seems to be moving towards Macbeth’s castle?

When he sees the Birnam Wood moving towards the castle. How does Macbeth die? Macduff fights him and beheads him.

Is siward Duncan’s brother?

Siward, Earl of Northumberland As Duncan’s brother, he leads the English army against Macbeth..

Why does the gentlewoman refuse to repeat?

The gentlewoman will not be coaxed to reveal what she has heard, because she has “no witness to confirm my speech.” There is only her word that Lady Macbeth has said what she has said, and the gentlewoman does not want to be responsible for whatever consequences may come of her reporting these things.